I'm freaking out...

  1. Hey girls.
    After all these threads on high end fakes I'm starting to freak out over mine.
    It was bought from a Chanel boutique so I would only assume that it would be real... but the stitching doesn't align at the bottom. For some reason I keep thinking the stitching is going to align all the way around. Am I wrong about this?

    On another note... I just found a scratch mark inside my Chanel :o Eeps... I'm so glad I bought caviar. I would have ruined it by now if it were lambskin. I've only had it less than 2 months.

    Hope you can help quash my fears...
    Love Delilah

    PS. Merry Xmas tPFers!!!
  2. If you see quilting is aligned at bottom then it could be fake bag :smile:.

    Alighment is mostly on the front and the back and both sides. Mainly, construction must have both alignment and symmetry.
  3. If you bought it at a Canel boutique then I would not worry about authenticity. If you think it was poorly constructed because of the alignment issue then I would take it back where you bought it and ask to exchange it.
  4. I'm not all that familiar with CHANEL but even with Louis Vuitton's alignment nowadays are not perfect. I think that little imperfections do happen especially for handmade pieces. When I buy LV, I just make it a habit to check for alignment. Besides, you bought it at CHANEL, so I think there's no reason to believe that it is fake. Goodluck.
  5. If you bought it from a Chanel boutique it should definitely be authentic. The alignment is not always perfect, so if it really bothers you or if you truly think it's a defect, bring it back and exchange it. :yes:
  6. my stitching does not align at the bottome either it's mostly the alignment on the front and back with the flap and pockets that should line up.
  7. The threads that are saying all this BS about fakes and buying fakes at Chanel are mostly marketing strategies for fake websites. If you bought it at Chanel, its not fake. Like others have said if the stitching bothers you, try t exchange it.
  8. I agree that you should not worry about it since you bought it at a Chanel boutique.
  9. it's too bad a lot of recent negative posts in here are causing some people to become paranoid.
    Don't be:nogood:
    if you purchased your bag from Chanel, it's not fake.
  10. I agree with the others. And such a shame that you are worried about the authenticity of your flap, while you shouldn't have to worry about that since you bought it at the boutique.

    Enjoy your flap, Delilah and Merry Christmas to you too!
  11. Thanks my beautiful tPFers.
    The threads were really making the paranoid. I had to pull mine out and check and then I had a minor panic attack. I never really considered the alignment thing until the fake threads came up...
    I think I've been watching too much Las Vegas (holiday reruns) as well which is making me think of "inside jobs"

    Hope you all got lovely presents :smile:
  12. It isn't fake if you purchased it from the boutique. Honestly, the only way I'd think you would have to worry is if you bought it from a re-seller. The bait and switch isn't something I would worry too much about from the boutique directly.
  13. Since you bought it at the Chanel boutique you can be sure that it is authentic and not a fake. However since the alignment of the stitching is wrong then you should take it back to the boutique and see if they will exchange it. Good luck!