im finally getting an EB w/ GSH, but which style? PLEASE HELP!


which one to get?

  1. city in EB with GSH

  2. part-time in EB with GSH

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. after seeing some STUNNING pictures of so many member with their gorgeous EB bag, i'm thinking of getting a EB as well since i don't have a blue in my collection anyway.
    i love the combination of EB with gsh, but im SO indecisive about whether to get a city, or a part-time :shrugs:
    PLEASE HELP, any opinion would be greatly appreciated.:yes:
  2. my vote was PT w/GSH...for whatever reason I just like it better on the PT.
  3. EB would look great on either part time or city. I wouldn't be able to decide myself if I can get my hands on both easily. :confused1:
  4. I voted for the part-time. I think GH looks better on the PT than the city :yes:
  5. blueeyez259
    oh you're picking yours up on the 31st!! that's exciting!! just wondering where did you purchased it?
  6. I think so too, especially after it's been worn in. The proportions are better and the strap is longer too.
  7. An EB part-time with GSH would be amazing!
  8. i voted city..i don't know if i like the wider but not taller pt..
    but everyone is different =)
  9. I much prefer the proportions of the PT with GH, it looks less overwhelming. And EB with GSH is amazing, I'm waiting for one of my own. :yes:
  10. Pt of course, the bigger, the better....
  11. definitely a City! saw it IRL and it was a beauty :tup:
  12. Darling, Have you seen my signature? It is even better IRL!!! Pt is my vote of course!
  13. BTw, I have the matching sgh money wallet too. It is just as amazing!
  14. I voted for PT, although I just bought a SGH City myself, now I am rethinking it! But I just do not carry around that much stuff to get anything bigger than a city.Good Luck!
  15. I was never really a fan of the Parttime but then the giant hardware looks so much better on that style! Go for the EB Parttime with GSH!