I'm Finally a Member of the Stam Club! Come See!

  1. Hurray!!! After years of resisting the style and weeks of searching, I finally found a Stam Bag on sale (in a color that I like) and I'M SO EXCITED!!!:yahoo::wlae:

    One of the SAs at Nordstroms in OakBrook called me yesterday to ask me if I ever found one of the Quilted Elastic Stams (she was trying to help me find one a few weeks ago). I told her no, and she said that they had a Patchwork one returned and wondered if I would be interested. I haven't been a fan of the Patchwork line, but the leather is so soft and I love how the ends of the bag are buttery soft smooth calf leather. The color is gorgeous and perfect going into Spring/Summer.

    It's the Patchwork Slate from last Spring and the bag is flawless!! (it even still has the plastic covering on the front zipper pull!) The best part is that it was on sale for $619!!

    My only concern is that because it's a lighter color bag that it will show dirt and/or marks easier than a darker color would, but I love that it's a neutral color and one that will go with everything. I think I'm actually happier owning a Patchwork Stam since I have a Quilted Elastic Mina - now I have similar styles in different types of leather (I also have a 1st Season Baby Stam in the Icy Nappa Leather!)

    For those of you who have been keeping good thoughts and who have wished me luck on my search - Thank you so much!!! For those of you still looking, I know you'll find yours soon - if I can help, I'll do what I can!!

    And Here She Is.......My NEW Patchwork Stam in Slate:




  2. Aw she is a beauty! Congrats and enjoy!
  3. i'm soooooo happy for you!! enjoy her!!
  4. ^^ posted at the same time divasdare.....good thought come in 2s
  5. Congrats!!! She is GORGEOUS. Enjoy ;)
  6. congrats on the new bag. It's sooooo pretty. you truly deserve it!
  7. Congrats iluvmybags!:tup: She is reeeeally lovely and will be sooooooo nice on the first day of spring!!! I was at the OakBrook Nordstrom for the first time last weekend... They have a really nice selection of MJ!
  8. AND THEY SAID there were no stams left at Nordstroms! Hmph!!!!
    A beauty - best of luck with that bag - do not return it! It's gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spring all the way baby!
  9. There's no way it's going back!!! It's all Mine!!!
    I can't wait to use it!!

    Thanks everyone!! The wait was soooo worth it!!
  10. I wanted to post one more pic - I took it for the Stam thread in the Reference Section, but I thought it was so cute, I want to add it here!

    Meet my StamFam (Papa Stam, Mama Stam & Baby Stam!!):


  11. Gorgeous bags - well done :tup:
  12. Fab new stam! I really like the slate colour..
  13. Iluvmybags, you got a totally gorgeous bag for a killer deal! I love the color. Congrats!!!!
  14. congrats! the gold hardware looks really good against the white :yes:
  15. she's really gorgeous, congrats, I'm happy you found one, great price as well!