I'm falling out of love with signature...

  1. After only 6 months of having my Carly, I'm beginning to no longer feel the signature fabric. I've never been the kind of person who likes to scream what they are wearing, but I fell in love with the deep rich chocolate signature. Don't get me wrong, I ADORE the shape of the bag, but I'm sort of "meh" about the bag. I don't want to be "meh" about a $400 bag!

    Do I eBay her?
    blah.. this stinks.
  2. Before making a rash decision that you may regret, I would put her away in your closet for awhile. After a month, if you still aren't feeling her, then I'd sell it. That's sad...choc Carly is one of my favorite bags.
  3. I would! I ebayed and ended up selling my Hamptons signature strip Chocolate carryall on Craigslist because I just couldn't carry her. I LOVE her to death, but I just don't feel comfortable carrying her. Definitely eBay her!
  4. If you really don't like it anymore than you should sell it. I know what you mean about signature. I've been more into leather bags lately. Coach leather is so beautiful!
  5. if you`re falling out of love definetly eBay and get something you love!
  6. I agree with kphillips, I would put her away for a little while and then see how you feel. It doesn't cost you anything to put her away for a little while and you may end up saving yourself money in the long run if you decide that you really do want to keep her.
  7. Ditto!
  8. I would eBay her, then get the chocolate leather Carly!
  9. I would keep it for a while too b/c you may regret selling it. I did this, totally regretted it and then almost didnt get another one b/c Coach was sold out! In the meantime though, find a nice leather bag you love and use that. You may find you like the variety and leather and siggy!!!! I do!!!!

  10. I agree...You may have read a few posts where ones have been leaning toward leather...and subconsiously...it put a bug in your love of your Carly.

    I am not a big Sig. fan only because you get...Is that a fake? in my neck of the woods...:cursing: Um-mm NO! I own one sig. bag...But I must say...I've admired the chocolate Carly! I say...tuck it away for awhile...Then pull it out. And you may reconnect with her...And if not...Then sell her. You don't wish to later learn you made a horrible sacrifice to soon...And have to run out and attempt to locate another one...;)
  11. I agree with holding on for a little while. You never know & you don't want to regret it! :smile:
  12. mmmm, Chocolate leather...did someone say chocolate leather? I'm sold. Heehee!
  13. I say keep her for a while... Its nice to use a bag, put it away, and bring it out again.. Its kinda like when you change shampoos, it makes your hair more refreshed! So maybe if you change bags for a month or so, you might fell better about your chocolate... :smile:

    And if you find that you have absolutely no more use, not even with a cute brown outfit, sell her...

  14. i would also put her up for a while and see if you miss her. i was a lover of signature but, i think i am totally in love with the leather now. i do love signature accessories though..
  15. I'm not a fan of signature. I have two signature bags and one of them has NEVER seen the light of day. It's just been living in a dust bag since it was purchased. However, I carry coach leather EVERY SINGLE DAY! I keep looking at the Khaki/Black Carly but I know what will happen if I buy her. She'll just sit there. Good luck with whatever decision you make!