I'm excited, but nervous to go to the Boutique today!

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  1. I still haven't used my PCE and am leaving in an hour or so for my nearest boutique over an hour away. I have my 'list' all prepared, just worried I'm going to be turned down on everything. Here is what I plan to buy:

    Bridgit in Camel (it is an 'old' Legacy because of the color, right?)

    And if they let me Barrett (12811) in cranberry leather. I LOVE the aubergine color, but I'm not much of a suede-lover and not sure about the upkeep. Might be persuaded on the suede if they have the sand as a display and I can order the aubergine because it is a Legacy Boutique item, but not the cranberry.

    If told 'no' on Barrett, then Sabrina in steel or espresso.
  2. Good luck. Let us know what rides home with you. :smile:
  3. I hope they let you have it for PCE. I know you really want it!:tup:
  4. Good luck! I hope all goes well and you get what you really want!
  5. oh have fun at the boutique! I went last weekend and ordered the khaki/chocolate ergo pleated satchel, and most of the SA's are so nice! It's also nice that it's next to the apple store so hubby has somewhere to browse while I try to decide on what I'd like, LOL. They just put out the new fall line and some legacy, and have. Thnk most of the zoes. Have fun!!
  6. I don't know if anything will 'ride' home w/me. Would be nice, but they usually don't have what I want in my one-and-only nearest boutique. It is a smaller store IMO. It would be nice to be pampered like I see the other ladies who purchased in-store items: my new items are all wrapped up, put in the dust bag, put in a store bag, etc. I've never gotten that treatment because I always order everything. I like unique, new and different items. I guess that is my 'crime'.
  7. I'm meeting up with a girl from this forum at 1pm today to go look around - I didn't read the fine print so I don't think anyone will let me get the legacy cosmetic bag BUT I may just pick up fragrance instead (if they have it, my regular store is under construction and this other coach store in the same mall is the tiniest one I've ever seen *sigh*)
  8. Accessories are not excluded from the PCE. I got the Legacy Stripe Cosmetic bag yesterday for $96 using the discount as well as a new Zoe Leather wallet, so you should be ok.

  9. LOL, I know exactly which store you're talking about, and actually it can be a bit worse..but not much! I know it's frustrating.

    Just to clear everything up because there is a lot of misinformation floating around regarding PCE (and some inconsistencies within stores)... ALL accessory items that are not bags (bags begin with a "1" in the style number) are fair game for PCE in all lines, including Legacy. So you will be able to get that cosmetic case!

    Also certain other Legacy pieces, including bags, that are stocked at JAX and NOT Legacy shop exclusives that can't be obtrained from JAX ARE included for PCE (again, as long as they are NOT on the exclusions list). They have a specific list of bags that are excluded, and it's very specific...so some things that you might thing you can't buy, you can. However, you're not supposed to be allowed to purchase Hamptons, Hamptons Vintage, Legacy (new stuff), and Zoe...although some stores "bend" the rules for the cheap Hamptons bags (carryall and hobos). I don't think KOP will bend the rules for that, or at least the Ardmore store did not...and they are also handling some of the KOP II crowd.

    Always challenge the store by asking them about the exclusions list if they tell you "no" when you know it should be included. Sometimes I think particular SAs just are not informed and don't know any better (same with managers unfortunately). I had no problem here in NJ ordering a Peyton and Legacy mini skinny on PCE yesterday. But of course, some stores can't be "told" any differently, even when they are challenged...but at least you can try is the way I look at it. I would ask to speak to a manager if you have any problems. Some of these PCE issues have been cleared up when the manager contacts the district manager.

    The thing is maybe Coach really didn't intend for us to be able to purchase some of these bags, and they don't want to sell them at PCE price (my guess is the Peyton is one)... but the problem is they shot themselves in the foot by making a specific exclusions list that didn't include some of the bags. That means unless they want to be an *ss about it, they are honoring the discount. Assuming that the SAs can actually "read" (sometimes I wonder!), there should be no confusion regarding what is and what is not excluded!

    Good luck!!
  10. Yep, I know which one you're referring to. It is very small, I was there last weekend. Although I think it's cool the one being worked on has the legacy stripes on the wall around the store.
  11. Are you back? What did you get?
  12. Yes, I meant you. :smile:

    I am so sorry! JAX and the boutiques really need to get it together, I know good and well 39 bags didn't fly away that quick! :cursing: