I'm dying here...customs is still holding my bag...no new information

  1. So, many of you know that I have been waiting to receive my lovely bag from LZ which was supposed to arrive on Thursday. Unfortunately, it got stopped at customs. FedEx has been serving as the intermediary b/t me and customs. Apparently it got stopped because they needed an identification number for the business (I had it shipped to my work) or my social security number. I gave them my SSN and have talked to several FedEx folks all who have said the same thing: they have provided the information customs requested and haven't heard back one way or the other. No news is good news right? This just really sucks. I am sure it will be fine and I will get my bag eventually, but waiting/patience is not one of my best assets. (Guess now is a good time to start working on that.) I just keep imagining customs x-raying my bag and refusing to release it because they think it's some sort of contraband or something. Kidding of course.

    Ugh, this just really stinks.
  2. That's so frustrating! I'll get the popcorn out and keep you company while we wait it out:popcorn:
  3. Oh NO!!!!!! Can FedEx give you a name/number for someone to talk to in Customs????
  4. Good suggestion (why didn't I think of that???). I was on Customs website and it's a bureaucratic nightmare. I couldn't find a single number to call. I will call and find out.
  5. Baggaholic had this exact same thing happen to her once. Where is that girl?!?!?! Maybe she has some insight????
  6. They are not x-raying it. They open it. As long as it is not a reptile or ostrich bag, you should have nothing to worry about other than the amount of tax they decide to charge you, if any. At least it is not lost. You know where it is. Best of luck to get it quickly......
  7. sorry I am no hlep

    is this happening just b/c you are shipping it to a business address? maybe you should ship it to your home next time.
  8. I'm SO sorry to hear about this O! Have you corresponded with LZ as to any insight they can offer as to the customs experience? I had a bag held up with FedEx once so I can totally relate to the anxiety. Bag arrived safely after a few days--the seller had declared $100 for the value but included the store receipt (!). Luckily the bag was originally purchased in the States so no taxes had to be paid. I'm sure it'll just be a matter of time before you hear.
  9. oh yuck! nothing worse than waiting for a package you reeeeally want! i'll cross my fingers for you :smile:

    i'm thinking of ordering something from LZ too, so i'll definitely take this lesson to heart & make sure i give them my home address instead of work!
  10. Oy I'm so sorry to hear about that Oz! I hope they release it soon.

    I had to wait for cites for one of my Kellys for over 5 freakin weeks. I hate having to wait for stuff like that.
  11. Call FedEx and should put you in touch with some one at the Customs office (at least they do that in Canada). Good luck!

    Did LZ declare the whole amount?
  12. Oh how frustrating!
    Hope it is over soon.
  13. I really hope that you get your baby soon!
  14. As long as it's not an exotic, you should get it soon. Usually things get held if the declared value is unusually low and they open it, and find that it's worth more (i.e either because of brand name or there's a receipt in there that doesn't match the outside).
    My guess is that they're trying to figure out how much duty is owing since it's from LZ.
  15. What a nightmare!

    I really feel for you...I would be going nuts and I do have a ton of patience.

    It really is out of your hands...I am so sorry.