I'm desperately loking for "de passage à Tokyo" scarf in white/fuchsia colorway

  1. Hello Ladies....I'm desperately looking for my holy grail scarf "de passage à Tokyo" in the white/fuchsia colorway. I was in several Hermes stores in my country and none of them had stock left of this scarf. Even in HK I visited every Hermes store and there was no luck on my side :sad:

    I found the scarf still available on the US Website, but unfortunately they don't ship outside to my country. Is there such a thing as the USA Hermes hotline where they help you with searching for your desired scarf as well in Europe? Would a Hermes store outside my country actually ship to my house or to my local Hermes store?

    Any help from you is very much appreciated :heart:
  2. they have a number listed for customer service on the website, maybe you could try that? it's +1 800 441 4488. boutiques in other countries should ship too.
  3. hi

    Ask your local store to do a Search. The search is worldwide so you stand a good chance of getting that scarf
  4. ok, I will do that....didn't know that my local store can do a worldwide search:nuts:

    thank you for this information :tup:
  5. W O W...Loony...yes, that's actually the scarf I'm lookinf for. Just checking with the seller how much the shipping costs are to my country and wether there is also the box included in the aution. you're the B E S T!!:heart:
  6. Lol, I'm always happy to enable ;) Hope you manage to get it!
  7. Loony :yahoo: I won the auction for the tokyo scarf! I'm so happy and can't wait to wear it! Thanks again for directing me to this auction. :heart:
  8. Yay, that's fantastic, congrats! :yahoo::wlae::tup:
  9. Aww, I love it when a grail is speeding its way to its new home!!!