im burning in hell.

  1. i feel so bad! TERRIBLE!

    i have high expectations of myself. i am constantly on high-speed. i get things done..but i sometimes put stress no others because i don't feel efficient if i slow down.

    i hate life in general. im working in one of the top 40 pharmaceutical companies doing drug development research. i should be satisfied. but im not. i want more...i always aim high. but i dont do so to beat others..i just want to test my maximum. i want to see whether im capable. i dont compete with others. i compete with myself.

    but im constantly under stress. what can i do?
  2. Buy LV.....:yahoo:

  3. and i know why im so hung up on LV. in a way it's something that i appreciate thus i like to reward myself with LV bags and accessories. but sometimes i come into this i am today..where i'm all depressed because i dont feel good abt myself.

  4. Pls dont say that. Just take a deep breath, and take a hot shower, forget about work. Why not look at LV website, that might cheer you up :yes: :yes: :yes:

  5. but im at work! :sad:
  6. LOL, it is hard...I am a totally type A I understand.

    Try and set reasonable expectations, and be proud of what you do accomplish, and try not beat yourself up. I know harder said than done :p
  7. Take a deep breath and count from 1-10... Go outside and get some fresh air. You need to realize that putting too much stress in yourself won't do you any good. And after work, if you're able, go and get a massage!

    p.s. have you tried acupuncture?
  8. I am sorry you feel that way. I think you just need to stop and think and slow down. Look at all of your achievements and how far you have come and be proud of those first, then set higher goals for yourself. You need to live life one day at a time and quit thinking about the future b/c it is making you depressed it seems. You should feel good about yourself, you are working in a high company and you can buy expensive designer bags. It seems you are focusing too much on how to improve things rather than focusing how good you actually have it, things could be worse. If you aren't happy where you are working, I would stop and think about what is making you unhappy and go from there, even if it means getting a new job would get you happiness(this is my opinion :smile:
    Just slow down and give some time to yourself. Look at how far you came and find pride within yourself.

    Be happy. :smile:
  9. I agree with PurpleKitty.....slow down, look back at your achievements, be proud ....and then question yourself about your priorities in life, what makes you trully happy ? What's the most important ?
    And why do you have impossible-to-reach expectations of yourself, to please your parents ?
    It's great you've done so much thanks to your ambition but if you're not satisfied...then until when and where will you go ?? Take care of yourself first and enjoy life !!
  10. always remember someone is better off then you and worse off then you!

    it sounds like you need to change your internal dialoge from "you can do better" to "you do so well"

    you sound like a sucessful gal, i think you just need to slow down, take a spa day or somethin! breathe honey, breathe!

    do you really want to work so hard for things that you can't enjoy???
  11. You won't rot in Hell, but it seems like you're lacking something? Soemthing fulfilling, like a hobby or something else maybe?

    OT: My DH is in a different part of that industry:yes:
  12. Do what I do.... Drink lolol
  13. I found that I was doing the same sort of thing at my old job--working 6 days per week, going shopping on Sunday, and buying handbags because it was the only thing that was making me happy. Long story short, I changed positions at my company, and I am much happier now--although I still am fairly obsessed with handbags--just way happier at work.
  14. It really helps talking to people you can trust and you know. get your frustrations out before they get too big. No need for therapy when you have friends. ;)
  15. Social with friends. Go out to meet more new friends. Learn form others. Perhaps, you'll find and develop a new interest.
    Don't forget to take a nice vacation. Travel all over the world. Broaden your view.
    You'll be wiser and happier when you know more people and see the world. Who knows? You may find another rewarding challenge to pursue.