I'm Back.......

  1. A big Hello to all my friends on the Fendi site, I am back after my lovely relaxing holiday. Had a great time lying on the beach, seeing some wonderful wildlife in the Florida area and of course going round the shops. I did not buy any other spys but got my Black Pearl, hope you like it, also got a black Bal. bag.

    So tell me what you have all been up to and what spys have you bought, cannot wait to know the news......:smile:
    135_3572.JPG 135_3578.JPG 135_3576.JPG 135_3577.JPG 135_3575.JPG
  2. Hi Saich!!!! Welcome back! You must be so happy to have your pearl in your hands! :nuts: It is beautiful and I can't imagine what it'd look like IRL without flash. I'm personally not a fan of Balenciaga (I better duck and hide now! :sweatdrop:) but I wouldn't mind seeing what you got. Who knows, in a few years I might get converted to the dark side! :graucho:
  3. Yay you're back! and you have the pearl! Did you wear her out yet? I just wish I could see one in real life too. What kind of outfits do you think you'd wear with it? I have a horrible wardrobe and would have no clue.

    Lots of people got new spys, and other bags/shoes/accessories ..it was all very exciting! Glad you enjoyed your vacation, welcome back!
  4. Welcome home Saich!! We have missed you around here! Sorry you have come back to such miserable weather...

    Your black pearl is just BEAUTIFUL!!:love:

    Everyone has been busy shopping for Fendi! I have recently acquired a couple of new additions to my collection! Will post pics soon! How do you like your Balenciaga?? I have been taking a break from them but they are still very special, highly addictive bags!! The Spies seem to be my particular favourite at the moment, I just need a couple of days of nice weather to take them out for a spin!
  5. Welcome back and I hope you had a splendid holiday with your beautiful spy!:tup:
  6. glad you enjoyed your trip! i've bought nothing:crybaby:partially because I'm taking the bar tomorrow and wednesday :sweatdrop:
  7. Oh Liti I wish you so much luck you must have worked so hard, I am sure you will have a fantastic future.

    HandbagAddict I cannot wait to see your new bags. I love the Bal. bag but will only be keeping this one I have will not buy any more. I use it for every day use. Thank you for such a nice welcome back.

    Kneehighz the bag, funny enough, can be worn with more or less anything, you can wear black jeans and black top for a more formal look, but it looks really good with blue jeans and a white top. Although it looks a very dressy bag in real life its not. I think the Crackle is far more dressy than this one, might be because its black.
  8. Hi Saich, welcome back. Glad you have a nice time. I have been hunting for the latest Chanel ligne. They have a few nice items. Love the black pearl.

    Liti, good luck on your exams.
  9. ahhhh welcome back Saich, gosh the new pearl spy is just devine.

    So glad you had a great time, did your heart skip a beat until your suitcase of gorgeousness came through ;)
  10. yay! welcome back! glad you had fun on your trip!!!

    the pearl spy looks gorgeous!
  11. Welcome back, Saich! The detail on your new Spy is incredible...what a beauty!! Sadly, no bags for me for now...gotta find a new job first.

    Congrats to you!!
  12. [​IMG]

    Thats great you can wear it with anything..I like that in a bag:graucho:

    Lit good luck on your bar (tomorrow and Wednesday)!
  13. just stopped by to drool a little, love this bag!
  14. Glad you had a great holiday Saich, that Spy is only but divine! Congrats!
  15. welcome back and congrats.