I'm back! Lipo sucess!

  1. I'm back! Wooohooo!!!

    As some of you know last week I went in to have liposuction. I was so sooo exited (as scared) about having it done. Armed with reassuring words from Swanky who had a similar (well, tougher) op recently, and some from friends, I went in! I half expected to bolt, but I didn't!!!

    When the doctor came in to circle the areas to be removed, we discussed it and decided to go all out. I had originally planned just to have inner and outer thighs and inner knees and "love handles" done. Eventualy I ended up having- Inner and outer thighs,inner knees, upper knees, upper thighs, under buttocks, and lower back as well love handles and lower stomach (pouch). I thought I may as well get it over with at once- I'm so glad I decided that way!

    Anyway, blood drawing (the yuckiest part for me), over and the thingy in my hand (you know, where they hook the IV and everything else up to) -double yuck!- I was sedated and ready to go. They rolled me in and I was told to count backwards from ten. Instead I apparently said "I really want same chocolate cake!" :lol: Great way to start fat reduction surgery! :roflmfao:

    Next thing I was being wheeled into anothor room and the oxygen mask was being removed from my face! I was freezing cold and shaking, like convusling. It scared me SO much! A doc (I think anesthesiologist) smilled at me ad told me about my choclate cake line!

    Anyway, I felt fine when I got wheeled into the room. I fell alseep again after a few mins of reassuring my mum I was fine. The doc checked on me and everyone kept cracking jokes about my hazed "cake" comments! :shame:

    The next day things got complicated. I guess I reacted badly to the anesthesia and I started feeling really cold and ill. My fever shot up and I started vomiting (which is odd as It was 12hrs after the op!). The put me on a drip with fever reducer, then one with anti sickness meds.
    I didnt get better that day and only recovered the evening after.

    Eventually I went back home (well, my Mums house) and the helped look after me. I can say- yes it hurt like a :censor: . BUT- ITS SOOO WORTH IT!

    Sure it's a hassle, esp as I had my legs AND my stomach done. You don't realise untill then that even blinking required your stomach muscles! Everything hurts! :yucky:

    Anyway, Right now- exactly 9 days after the op- I fell fine! Sure I am a little bruised and a little tender (and have loss of feeling in some areas) but I can walk and lie down properly (coughing/sneezing/laughing really hurts!)
    I am SOOOO happy I did it! Thank you for everyones support here! Also thanks Megs so much for finding and ordering th pants I was searching for! You are TOO SWEET! :lol:

    Anyway, please feel free to PM me or ansk me any questions about the procedure.
  2. Wow LondonBrat! You're so brave. I hope your results are what you wanted and that the rest of your recovery goes well!
  3. I'm so glad that your happy with your Lipo. I've though about getting it before but was always scared. I hope you feel even better soon!
  4. Londonbrat - I am so glad that you're feeling better after your surgery. I wish you hadn't mentioned the chocolate cake though, I'm hungry!
  5. Glad you are back and feeling better!!! I'll send the pants on monday :biggrin:
  6. Hi LondonBrat! Glad to find out that you are feeling better and that fabulous results are going to start showing soon!
  7. glad you went thru with it. you are very brave. i am sure you will look just fabulous. wish i could have the guts to go thru with it too, but.....keep us posted.
  8. Good for you! My best friend had lipo after the birth of her child, and she said it was one of the best things she had ever decided to do.
  9. Oh wow LB, you've had alot done there! You're so brave!
    Can i ask what made you have it done? (sorry if i missed the original thread or this question offends - you don't have to answer:flowers:)
    Would you consider posting up some pics for us to see - before and after? Just curious i guess:shame: :biggrin:

    Anyway, i wish you a very speedy recovery and i hope you are really pleased with the results!
    Take care:heart: :yes:
  10. Yay! I'm glad all went well for you! Aren't you happy you decided to do it all at once? I know I was. But now I'm finding other things that I want fixed!:shame: Good luck with the rest of your recovery.
  11. :heart: :heart: Welcome back home my friend!!!:heart: :heart:
  12. Welcome back! you are so "lucky" to have had lipo, I really desperately needs (and wants!!) one, but I can't afford and my parents won't pay for me unless I've tried to work out first for at least a year, and that's okay I guess, but I'll still might need it for my problem areas.
  13. I'm glad that you're feeling beter and that everything went smoothly and welcome back!
  14. Welcome back London , I'm happy your feeling great. :flowers: :heart:
  15. Welcome back, LondonBrat! Love the bit about the chocolate cake :biggrin: