i'm back in the 21st century and it feels GOOD!

  1. we had a crazy storm hit the oregon coast last weekend. two typhoons from two different parts of the pacific collided on sunday night just off our coastline. and boy was it a doozy! for about 24 hours we had winds at about 60-80 miles an hour with gusts 100+ (the highest was measured a little south of me at 139 mph). i took my dog on a short walk on the beach during a rain break on monday (where no trees or power lines could fall on me)....i could lean backwards with my entire weight and be completely supported by the wind. my neighbors on either side lost about half their roofs and there are trees everywhere that were pulled up by the roots (most were about 20-40 feet tall....but i saw a few downed ones much bigger than that) there's a bunch of pictures here if anyone's curious.

    power went out sunday night and was restored yesterday (friday) afternoon. :yahoo: there were no phones in the entire county for a little bit. by tuesday 911 service was restored and you could make calls in your town/prefix code. there was were no cell phones until wednesday night and you couldn't reliably make out of town calls (even to towns 7 miles away) until thursday. it was a little scary to be so isolated. it was kind of fun though, for the first few days. because it was a stormfront from the tropics, it didn't get cold until about thursday. it was fun to cuddle up with blankets, listen to the radio, play lots of uno and finally finish a few of my knitting projects. that said, i am so grateful hot showers and heat and lights! and also to all the people who worked so hard getting things back to normal while i was huddled up in my blankets.

    anyway, that was my week! it's good to be back!
  2. Wow, looks like it was worse than I thought. Thanks for posting.