I'm back from Vegas! Who wants to see what I bought?!

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  1. Who is here?! Uploading pics...
  2. ready!!!!
  3. I'm here...
  4. Okay... here we go!

  5. I wont draw out the little things.

    I'm not quite sure what the name of this fob is, but it is pretty!

    Nautical strip medium skinny.
  6. And now to start teasing....

  7. That butterfly fob is so cute! I've never seen that before.
  8. here!!! Love the butterfly...
  9. The butterfly says "Leather Butterfly Keyfob" F92596 on my receipt, so it is an MFF fob!

    And I just realize I forgot to take a pic of something! Let me dig it out of my suitcase!
  10. Here is is!

    MFF Apple Coin Purse!

    And another tease... Anyone have any ideas?
  11. One of the ombre sequin bags?
  12. Nope!

  13. I've never seen the butterfly fob before, LOVE it! Hope my outlet gets some of those!
  14. [​IMG]
    Tangled Ballchain Framed Small Bag. From what I can find, this thing came out in 09? Can anyone verify?




    Paid about $105 before tax!
  15. Wasn't that from last year? I saw one at my outlet a few months back.

    Looks like a fun bag, just a little too small for me.