I'm back from the festival with sore arms + new LV bag!

  1. So as I anticipated, lugging my Speedy 30 around the festival was no fun! It was raining too, so I was juggling a very heavy Speedy and another plastic bag in one hand, and my umbrella in the other! :cursing: All that while trying to eat the free food and drinks at the same time!

    Anyways, after the festival, I marched straight over to LV to buy my messenger or tote bag that can fit at least a jacket and water bottle so that I can be hands-free during summer festivals and don't have to suffer like today!

    Guess which one I bought! :graucho: I'll post a pic in my next post. I also have 2 pics taken with my Speedy at the festival, but have to find someone to blur/block my face out before I post it.

    Anyways, Hotel Vancouver had tons of Amarante stuff including the Sunset Boulevard and that other new handbag. I tried on the Amarante inclusion bracelet, and I think I like it even more than the clear one! :nuts:

    Also, I saw both the white and black cozy! :nuts: The black one may be my next LV purchase.

    Pics to come...
  2. Did you buy a Neverfull? A BH?
  3. A lockit horizontal?
  4. Good guesses! Hint: No vachetta bottom, no open-top! :graucho:

    Just took the pics. Uploading them now.
  5. *awaits pics*
  6. congrats! Sounds like a practical purchase!
  7. Alright, here are the pics. As you may have known, I have been going batty trying to find the perfect shoulder/messenger bag that can hold a light jacket and water bottle. It was driving me nuts because I liked the BV and Aurelia MM, but couldn't deal with the open-top, but the bags that had the zip tops had vachetta bottoms, like the Cabas Mezzo!

    So when I went into LV I was planning on getting the Damier Geant Loup in Terre or possibly the Antigua MM in brown. I was leaning towards the Loup.

    When I asked my SA to take out the Antigua Cabas MM in brown, when she took it out, my first reaction was "This is too small, it wont fit all my stuff".

    So I asked to see the GM but they only had it in blue. I asked to see it anyways just to see the size. It looked way too huge for me.

    So finally I asked to see the Loup in Terre, thinking it'd settle for that. But then my SA said that she only had it in black and that the terre was all sold out. I was all like, "Ok, I guess I'll have to go to Holt Renfrew to get it then."

    But then I tried fitting my stuff into the black Loup just to test its size. I could hardly fit my jacket, waterbottle, camera, and DVDs in it without it totally poofing out so that the flap would hardly go down to buckle.

    So I asked my SA if the Loup holds more or if the Antigua MM does. She said that Antigua holds more and I was all shocked because I was quite sure the Loup was bigger! Then I asked to see the Antigua MM again and was like, "If it fits all this, then I'll buy it."

    So I stuffed in my jacket, my water bottle, my camera, and didn't think my 2 DVDs and CD would fit in there, but my SA took it from me and managed to get it in there and zip the bag up! :wtf: With all that stuff inside, the bag still kept it shape, unlike the loup, which was all poofed out of shape. Then I tried it on and it wasn't too bulky under my arm and it wasn't too heavy either! So I was sold because it fit all that stuff and could zip and still keep its shape.

    I asked my SA if that was the last brown one and she said yes. The only other one she had in the MM size was the red and purple one which was too bright for me. So I'm happy I got the size and colour I wanted!

    Also, I asked if I could get my initials heat stamped on the luggage tag and she said yes and took out this book for me to choose what colour I wanted. I chose the sky blue and wanted my initials going down vertically! :happydance: She said that I can pick it up on Tuesday. Question: if you don't ask to get the luggage tag heat stamped, do they bother to offer it to you?

    I just wrote a book, so enough talk. :p Here she is! :yahoo:


    The inside:

    She's going to look so much cuter when I get her luggage tag! :girlsigh:
  8. a practical bag.... nice!! enjoy it! :smile:
  9. oooh very nice :smile:
  10. Thanks! Forgot to mention, the Loup is $925 while the Antigua Cabas MM is only $740. So I saved $185 by picking the Antigua!

    Its weird that I picked a bag that was never even on my wishlist! :nuts: While the Loup had been on my list forever.
  11. Nice bag! Too bad you had to suffer before you got it, though! It sucks that it was raining today. What kind of amarante stuff did you see? Did you like it IRL?
  12. Well the only Amarante bag I tried on was the Reade PM. They also had the Sunset Bouevard, Houston, cles, Summit Drive, and inclusion stuff.

    I didn't have time to try any others on because I had 2 non-LV lover friends with me who were rushing me and going "Can we go yet?!" :p

    Amarante is alright, but I don't think I'll buy any vernis from this line...maybe just an inclusion bracelet. For the vernis, I much prefer the pomme.

    So when are you heading to Hotel Vancouver? :graucho:
  13. Congrats!
  14. Nice bag. Looks comfy. Congrats.
  15. Nice bag. You're lucky to have a boutique nearby. Congrats!