I'm a total shocker!!!


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Mar 20, 2006
I have recently gotten engaged,and my fiance has left the choice of the ring up to me. The engagement was a total surprise and we had nothing chosen yet.

So I have finally chosen my ring..I *think*...and we're about to get it made and pay for it...and all I can think is how many Chanel bags I could have for that price:lol: .I very seldom wear jewellery part from pearl earrings and a watch.

Anyone ever heard of a Chanel engagement bag?:lol: :lol: :lol:
Thank you ladies,you wise voices of reason :lol: . Diamonds are forever (as is my sweetie) whereas my bag cravings come and go all the time...sigh.... LOL!

Now I'm actually excited about getting it made:biggrin: .
Congratulations!!! When we got enganged, I got to pick my own ring too. We went to so many places before we had any ideas what we liked and what we didn't like. We finally decided to get it customized. It was a long process but I loved every minute of it :smile: As much as I love purses, I really really really love my ring :smile: Congratulations once again on your engagement :smile:
here's the pics you wanted addicted.:biggrin:
The diamond is what cost the most money, it's 2.6 karat. setting is just temporary (it's white gold) we are getting my scott kay setting next month.(platinum) I'll post more pics when I have my actual wedding set.


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