I'm a First Year Teacher: suggestions, please!

  1. I've been a dormitory supervisor for the last 2 years, and this year I'm going to be in a classroom for the first time since my student teaching.

    My subject is English: I'll have four "regular" 11th grade classes, 1 "honors" 11th gr. class, and one 10th grade class.

    For those of you that teach--any suggestions for classroom management, good websites for lessons/curriculum, fun educational games, etc???

    And no... I wouldn't want my students writing like I am now...LOL!

  2. Hey there, just emailed my cousin about you and am waiting for a response. Hopefully she can help you out!
  3. i taught high school english for 8 years- please pm me any time and i will be happy to help you out. (i am home w/a baby now, otherwise i would still be teaching).

    find out what your school curriculum is. find out what the school expects the students to know by the end of the year. start your plans from the END results and work your way back. actually, start w/the exams you might give- that helps you focus on what you want to teach. that will help you to frame your lessons accordingly.

    classroom management: 1 warning, after that, buh-bye. i tolerate very little. i rarely have a classroom management issue. if the kids know where they stand, and you are up front and honest, with them, you should be okay.

    i could go on forever. pm me w/specifics! i hope your first year is wonderful. mine sucked.
  4. I met with a few of the other teachers today (last day for the teachers) and I managed to snag a couple textbooks to look over, and a list of the books they've taught in the past.

    Thank you for the prod about starting with the end in mind.... It was a good reminder that I did go to school for this & I've got a lot more resources than I think.... I just may take you up on your offer to pm you as the school year gets closer!

    Any cool websites to check out, anyone?
  5. classroom management...establish yourself as the teacher not as their 'friend'
  6. I'm a teacher too, although primary.

    www.sparklebox.com or could be ok is a fantastic resource

    Also google 'standards site' and it will take you to the UK standards site which has loads of resources.

    Also I teach ages 4 - 11 so I guess behaviour management is very different but I always set my expectations and remind children of what they should be doing not what they are not, hope this helps!
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  8. Establish solid classroom rules, and be consistent and follow through with consequences.