I'm a Doofus.

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  1. I brought my husdon to school today and its pouring! My bag looks like a dalmatian.

    I got it wet once before and it dried perfectly, but its been 15 minutes and there is one big rain spot that doesn't seem to be drying :sad:
  2. be patient.... it will go away!! dont worry.
  3. Its starting to fade now...but it made me nervous. I had to tell someone, and no one here (school) would understand lol
  4. the leather on the hudsons are sturdy. i've taken my striping bags out in the pouring rain with no problems. it'll dry completely without leaving any marks, but i understand the worry!
  5. Have no fear!! MJ bags are not built to dissolve in water! ;) I hope the water spot dries quickly though, to alleviate your worries :flowers:
  6. I would be worried (actually, not just worried but freaked out) too if that happened to me but I agree with everyone, MJ bags are built to last ;) Plus it sounds like things are getting better already! :tup:
  7. You could always keep a plastic bag folded up in side in case you get caught in the rain. The same thing just happened to me and my chloe edith bag. My thread was Edith AMOST got a bath!! I ran with my bag under my coat like a fool!! That when the girls suggested a plastic bag!!
  8. That is such a great idea missjenny! I never even thought to do that.

    Since I'm in a classroom in the same building as the bookstore, I'm going to stop by there after class and ask for a plastic bag.
  9. LOL the first time my coin pouch got wet..i freaked out too..then when it started drying up i breathed a sigh of relief :yes: