I'm 18 now! I can finally go to a striptease!

  1. My new bag will do the stripping though ;].

    BUT! There is also a story behind it. (I dont think the pics go with the story but ehh I dont wanna take time to upload pics after the story)

    So here we go, Chapter 1.

    On Sunday my mom and I, along with other people went to South Coast Plaza. We were supposed to get my new bag that day. Of course I didnt know what I really wanted, so I looked around. I wanted either a new LV or a Gucci bag. I knew what I wanted from LV so I went to Gucci to see what was there. I did fall in love with this hand held tote that was on sale for $949! But I still wanted LV ;] So we went to LV to compare different bags. It was either this bag or a couple different others. I chose this bag. We were getting ready to pay, then my mom gives me the biggest guilt trip! She said "This is the last bag I buy for you!, [then in Tagalog] she said I never get to buy anything for myself anymore, its all for you!" My mouth just dropped, I felt soo guilty and said nevermind I dont want the bag anymore. Then we just left...
  2. I shopped at South Coast too, for my first LV speedy. One of the SA was nice but most of them are rude. So pic plz?
  3. Show Us!!!!!!!
  4. Woooo! Take it off! Let's see what you got! :popcorn:
  5. REYNALD0C, get on with it! :nuts:
  6. Chapter 2...

    After we went to LV, empty handed. We were leaving the mall. We went into Nordies, in Nordies my lil cousin and I were talking about why I didnt get the bag.. she was being nosey, so we were talking and my mom over heard us. She was talking to my Aunt about the same thing, she then said "I was gonna get it for him, but he said he didnt want it. I liked the Gucci bag better, it wasnt the price that was throwing me off, it was the fact that the LV bag was a womens bag" I heard that and I turned around in awe, I couldnt believe she said that! She said to me after, that I looked like a lady carrying the bag, and that the SA's were "Forced" to say that they liked this bag better, because it was the one I liked most.
  7. Your story so far sounds like something my mom would have done when I younger. But it would have been for something cheaper, she'd have never bought me an LV bag.
  8. :sad: This story is making me sad...
  9. I had to laugh at the title of this thread too cute...

    well take it off we are all waiting to see the LV strip ha ha ha
  10. If you're confident enough you'll look good with anything.

  11. Aww! I'm sorry it made you sad! It made me sad as well! But it does have a happy ending! :flowers:
  12. Tell us the happy ending Reynaldo!
  13. F5,F5,F5, refresh, refresh, refresh!!! HURRY UP!!!:party:
  14. Chapter 3..

    Okay so we left SCP, and went to my aunts house to play on the Wii, that night was fun spending time with cousins, but it was very weird between my mom and I. We left my cousins house and stuff. Yesterday I had to get things done for my bday today. I got a haircut (overly edgy dramatic mohawk) with a nice edgy yet cute outfit for my to wear today! I was at Cerritos mall the whole night, and my mom was whereever (sp?) So I didnt know where she was. I came home and everything was whatever. The only new things I had was my outfit and my haircut. Happy birthday to me?...
  15. Chapter 4, the happy ending will have to wait till later I have to be a good boy and go to schoool! I have to get ready first hahaha.

    Wait till later ;P