Illovo vs. Speedy 30 vs. Alma

  1. Are these 3 bags comparable in size? I want all the items I carry in my Popincourt Haut to go into another bag and I know the Speedy 30 will be large enough. Will the other two?

    Of these bags (Illovo, Speedy 30, Alma) which do you like the most? Just curious on other opinons -- am looking at Damier only. (Only the Alma has the cell phone holder and I really like that.)
  2. I have got Mono & MC Speedy 30 and Mono Alma, and I like the Speedy's shape more, it's also a more roomy bag compared to Alma.

    The Illovo bags are very cute too, haven't seen many around which is a big plus. :yes:
  3. I like the Illovo MM. Does anybody have a photo carrying this bag??
  4. These bags are very similar in size, they all hold about the same amount of contents. I guess it just comes down to the type of bag you want, a shoulder or handheld, structured [alma] or unstructured.. you can't make a bad choice with any of theses bags.

    I love Illovo.
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