IHeartCoach's Collection! Come See!

  1. My Coach Collection as of July 5th, 2007! I can't believe I have SOOO much stuff for such a short period of time. I bought my first Coach in November 2006. Now I can't stop! :wlae::heart:

    Large Signature Carly- Khaki/Saddle 10620
    New Signature Stripe Denim Tote- Denim 11179
    Signature Stripe Demi Pale- Blue/Khaki 10120
    Soho Signature Small Flap- Khaki/Brown 10602 (I think)

    Wallets/Mini Skinnys:
    Signature Stripe Medium Zip-Around Wallet- Denim 40751
    Signature Stripe Mini Skinny- Pale Blue/Khaki F40351
    Soho Signature Mini Skinny- Khaki/Brown F40089

    Katelyn Sneaker- White/Khaki Q170
    Evelina Wedges- Khaki/Gold A8114

    Optic Signature Ponytail Scarf- Blue 98206
    Stripe Ponytail Scarf- Multi 98160

    "A" Charm- Lilac/Purple 8046
    Fragrance Bottle Keyfob 92085
    collection-2.2.jpg collection-3.3.jpg collection-4.4.jpg collection-5.5.jpg collection1.1.jpg
  2. Great collection!
  3. Awesome collection for being only 2 days old!
  4. wild shot in the dark here, but you like coach? haha very nice collection!
  5. ^LOL
    Yes I agree u have a wonderful collection!

  6. I didn't mean it like that... I meant from November to July 5th. Sorry! LOL

    Geez my BF would kill me if I bought that much stuff in 2 days!
  7. Nice Collection! Great pieces.
  8. great collection!
  9. I have loved coach bags forever and you have an amazing collection :tup:
  10. Wow, fantastic
  11. That's guys!

    I have put myself on a ban until well I'm not sure. But I need to save for the Meadow boots (maybe it they fit right) and the Signature Leigh bag!
  12. Nice collection! I love the Carly bag ... each time I see a photo of it I think I should get one down the road!
  13. Awesome collection :smile:
  14. UPDATE: Purchased this a day ago.

    Coach Legacy Signature Shoulder Zip 10337
    Won it for $111.00 total! They retail for $278.

    It does have a few things wrong with it. That's why I got it so cheap. But hopefully it won't be too horribly bad.

    Some scratches and missing hangtag and medallion.


  15. wonderful collection :smile: