Ignore my other thread and vote here please! :)


Which would you get? Please post why ..

  1. Violet City SGH

  2. Violet Day SGH

  3. Violet Brief SGH

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hi,
    Please ignore my other poll and check this one out ..

    I have the chance to get one of THREE bags!!!

    Violet city SGH
    Violet day SGH
    Violet brief SGH

    all three have great leather!!!! which would you choose? ... is the brief easy to carry on the shoulder? how versitle is it? I think I am leaning towards a brief IF t is carriable on the shoulder ... what would you do and why? :smile:
  2. Violet brief sgh, i like this combination :smile:
  3. Violet day, because its my favourite style.
  4. I tried on a violet brief with GSH today and it was really pretty. It sat really well on the shoulders too. If I wanted a violet, I think I'll go for brief!
  5. CITY

    why? because i want u to takli tbn ....
  6. ya ana wiyyaki ya balash :p
  7. beautiful, I'll close your other thread
  8. I am in the minority; I voted for the Day style. GL whichever you choose, it will be gorgeous!
  9. huh? What language is that?
    I vote for City. For me it is the perfect size, and I just love the look of it!
  10. Same here.
  11. what other bbag do you have? my vote would be the violet GSH day! good luck with your choice! (my 2nd choice would be the city! :graucho:)
  12. I like the City the best!
  13. SGH Magenta Day.

    Cause its damn sexy.
  14. I vote day - city - brief. I think violet is great in the day.
  15. thanks girls .. I will let you know what I end up getting (which seems like niether nor at this point haha)