Ignorant, heartless people.....

  1. Okay, so the annual fair came to our town. One of their "exhibits" is a "freak" show, as they call it. It is full of dead(skeletons, etc.) and alive animals who were born disformed.:crybaby: These heartless morons are charging people money to look at these poor animals who are in a hot tent in a small caged area. What they call freak is a pig with 2 snouts, or a lamb with 5 legs, stuff like that. It is completely disheartening knowing that these poor animals are there in my town suffering, only to go the next town so that people can point at them and laugh. I was walking around the fair yesterday, saw this, and there was a lamb in a caged area outside the tent just looking sad and staring at me like help me. How can people in good conscience pay to go inside and see these animals and keep these people's business running? Who do I contact that would care and that would do something right away? I know there are animal rights organizations who care, but they don't do stuff right away. I can't let these animals suffer and be humiliated like that.:crybaby: :crybaby:
  2. That would make me very sad to see. :sad:
  3. It's really horrible to witness. I tear up.:crybaby:
  4. That's awful. Why is it so difficult to make things like that illegal? It drives me crazy. I don't even know what to say... Surely there is someone you can give the name to that will do something. I'm just not sure who that is. :sad:
  5. That's terrible!

    Is there a local Humane Society you can call? Or animal control?
  6. Yes, I was going to casually go up to the man taking the money for entrance and ask for the contact name and the company name, hopefully I won't start yelling at him. I just want to sneak in there in the middle of the night and free all of those animals so that they can finally run free in a green field and live happily, but of course, I would probably be the criminal.:sad:
  7. I was thinking about those two, as we have both in our town. I guess it is a place to start. The fair leaves sunday, though, so I really want someone to act quick on it, and I don't know if either of these would.:sad: And the major animal rights' groups are usually too complicated to get in touch with directly and quickly, so I don't know where that leaves me.
  8. Setting them free also wouldn't be a good idea because those animals might have been born in captivity and probably wouldn't know how to survive in the wild.

    Purplekitty, I have to say, I love how passionate you are about animals.
  9. I wouldn't set them free, as I know I would get in a lot of trouble with the law, unfortunately, although these people are the ones who are technically commiting the crime of animal abuse. This world is not just anymore. I figure whether they were born in captivity or not, at least they could experience the great feeling of freedom for the rest of the time they live.
  10. Lexington has the carnival come to town every fourth of July. It is put on by the Lexington Lion's Club. I know that because on every sign, on every ticket on the refreshment center signs it says "Lexington Lion's Club."

    Could it be a local group like that putting on your carnival?
  11. I have been trying to find that out. It is a local holiday, so I think that a local organization is putting it on. My plan so far is to get the names from these evil people, then write a letter to the organization who is putting on this carnival, telling them how I, among many others, feel ashamed walking around their fair, b/c of this injustice. I think I may even write a letter to the editor.:idea:
  12. Do you know which city they're going to next? You could call that town's humane society / animal control center and tell them about this.

    I was at a movie theatre one June afternoon picking up tickets for a movie my family and I were seeing later that night. On my way to my car, I noticed a dog in a car in the parking lot. The window was open about a hand's width.

    I didn't think much of it until halfway through my drive home. After I put the pieces together I started getting upset. When I got home, I called the police department's front desk, explained the situation and asked them to send someone to investigate.

    Maybe you could do that.

    Don't call 911, but call the front desk. Tell them it's not exactly an emergency, but could they please send someone to check the situation out.
  13. ^^ Great idea, thanks!
  14. This is absolutely awful. I would definitely contact your local humane society and if you don't get anywhere with them then a state department agency. Your better business bureau may be able to help they are a wealth of knowledge.
  15. I don't think there's much the police can do about the skeletons (other than ask where they came from) but they can check the pens and enclosures of the live animals.