If you own an MC cles...

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  1. I'd like a little MC something and it might be a cles. Does anyone have any pictures of what they can fit inside? I've run a search but some people are saying they can't fit any CCs at all, while others say they can fit 4 or 5. I realize that the vachetta trim makes this one of the smallest cles.

    I would need it to carry a DL plus 1-2 more cards, a few folded bills and some coins.
  2. i am in the same boat. i am thinking mc pochette.
  3. You can comfortably fit the coins and folded money but the cards will be a tight fit. I used my Cherry Blossom cles (which is very similar in style to the MC ones, I also have that one though) the other day and I wasn't really comfortable zipping the zipper. The cards push up against the fabric of the zipper and they're kind of hard to yank out; they kind of get stuck behind the stud where the hook is attached. I wouldn't really recommend it for cards, though they do fit but I'd recommend it more for bills and coins.
  4. How does the MC compare to the Vernis? I had a Vernis cles before and found it quite difficult to manoever in, would someone who owns both say one is tighter than the other or about the same?
  5. i would like to know .....
  6. I am looking specifically for pictures of contents. =)
  7. I don't have a picture, but when I first got mine, I tried to put about ten cards in there. THey all went in but they were not comfortable to get in and out, I was worried about stressing the zipper... so now I only carry my DL, my CC, and my debit card in there. They fit easily but you have to be aware of the rivet, chain attachment as it can catch the cards as you slide them in. I love it. I have room still to put cash and coin in as well, but I don't want to get the inside all dirty with coins. :shame:
  8. This isn't an MC Cles, but it's about the same size... I don't store CC's in mine, I mainly store change. I did take a few pics a while back of the inside with change and a side view of the Cles with coins inside. I hope this helps:


  9. i have a white mc cles and i can fit a lot. DL, gas card, atm card, cc, coins and folded cash.

    i thought it wouldn't fit but it holds as much as i need.
  10. Thank you everyone, the info and pictures help a lot! I think I am going to go for it!
  11. i think i saw one on let trade ...