If you need cheering up - Here's Flowers!

  1. If you need cheering up - Here's Flowers! I'll share them with you!

    10 days after surgery (just when the going gets REALLY rough) these get delivered to my door! They're from a lovely woman that I hardly know. She is my husband's boss, but I've only met her a time or two. Only in passing. Talk about RAOK. The card says "Healing is the hardest part" My goodness! I was so touched, I thought I would share in case anyone needs a "cheer up".
  2. You sweetheart:smile: what a lovely thought, and such a kind gesture, just shows how many great people there are in the 'world

    BTW are you feeling better?? so hope so

    Get well soon,
  3. such pretty flowers

  4. Beautiful flowers. So nice of her to give them to you.
    Hope you feel better soon.
  5. Oh temo!!! How sweet!

    Hope you feel better soon!!
  6. Thanks ardneish, pursecrzy, and Cobaltblu. I'm on the mend for sure. (Nothing life threatening - I had joints replaced in my fingers, due to arthritis.) (Learning to use my left hand, now.)
  7. Ouch,,,,,, that does sound a painful operation:s

    I am sure in time it will all of been worth it, my friend has just had a knee operation and was in agony for weeks, now two months later he can do things he could not do before and is at last free of pain

    Keep warm and comfy temo, and keep checking in here, let us know how you are getting along

    Neishy passes Temo a nice hot mug of milk ( with a little Irish malt whisky in it :graucho::heart:)

  8. Get well soon!
  9. Hope you are feeling better SOON! As my golden's would say HEAL! I know...really bad joke...
  10. I hope you feel better soon. Thanks for sharing the flowers, I needed a pick me up after such a rough day at work.

  11. Thanks so much for your wishes! Sorry you had a rough day piperlu! Hopefully a hot bubble bath will send all those troubles down the drain!
    Hmmm. . . I'm kinda' embarrassed . . . turns out they're not from that lady after all. . . . but I'm now wondering who . . . (?) Hmmm . . .
  12. I hope you heal quickly! Beautiful flowers! Now from ? Love a mystery:upsidedown: