If you have a metallic bridgit #11550, please come in

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  1. If you have a metallic bridgit #11550, did you:

    1. Spray anything on it to protect the leather? If so, what? And did it work?

    2. Not spray anything on it. Did you have any color transfer from denim or dark shirts?

    I tried searching the forum and google, but didn't get a clear understanding of what I should do before I start using the bag. TIA!
  2. No spray. No transfer. No worries. Even as it gets banged up a little from general use, you can't really tell b/c of the texture of the leather. An all around GREAT bag! Totally KICKING myself that I didn't get a Lily in this leather!
  3. I'm kicking myself for not getting a metallic bridgit. I only had one chance when I spotted two at my outlet months ago and I thought they were too small. Now I think I need one to take for nights out.
  4. 1. Yes, Apple's Rain Guarde, no rub yet!~
  5. ^^ Ditto Bunny's comments. No probs with mine, and I've used it the most of all my Bridgits. This metallic holds up well in comparison to the other smooth metallics they have used in the past.
  6. I have a metallic bridgit!

    No rub off, no spray, no color transfer. She's holidng up great! Great color and great bag! Love her!

    I used mine for a few days in a row, then put her away for a few days, and then used her again for a few days.... circle. No problems!
  7. I think I *need* one of these :heart:
  8. Haha!! They are shiny, pretty, little things, and the nickel hardware is a nice change from all the brass the other bags have. Have we enabled you enough yet??
  9. I wish I could say yes, but right now I'm outta cash. Gunna have to wait until I get bday $$ in August!

    I'm totally shoulder bag'ed out right now LOL :nuts:
  10. I've used mine nonstop for a couple of months now. no protection and *knockonwood* no problem. LOVE this bag.
  11. I have one, but I've only used it once so far. I didn't spray anything on it, and so far nothing has happened to it.

    I looooooove it and am glad I bought it when I did
  12. Yes I used the apple care protectant spray.

    I don't use my bridgit that often, but when I do i normally am wearing her against dark clothing.
  13. Any issues w/platinum and rain?
  14. Not yet tho it has gotten wet I would avoid any dark colors wet against it.