If you have a leather hippie....

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  1. I am looking for the older one (13411) I think...unless was there a smaller version of it in leather? I see a bunch of smaller ones on ebay but they are all opart and not leather.

    What would be a good price to get the large leather one (13411) new w/tags on ebay??
  2. i got mine in EUC on bonanzle for $150. i had a BNWT on ebay for $217 but it was whit and i was afraid to use it.
  3. the leather version 13416 was only released in international (so macys could have it as they do carry some international dubbed dept exclusives)

    i have no idea what a good price would be as i don't hunt for it on ebay

    but its a hard find (depending on colour) and popular, so the value retains better then most coach items

    Does anyone know if I could find one through JAX or any other coach/retail stores or are they completely sold out??

  5. i'm pretty sure they're sold out everywhere. i hunted for a while and found the 2 i got on bonanzle and ebay- but i only have one now.
  6. sorry, i was just supplementing you with the leather small version #, didn't realize i didn't label it as such :P but of course 13411 is the large version.

    last i checked, which was maybe a month ago, a few outlets had them, full price is obviously gone and none in jax.