If you have a gucci 85th hobo

  1. If you have a gucci 85th anniversary hobo (leather or velvet), please let me know how you like it! How's it holding up? I'm thinking of buying the large plain leather one for everyday and I want to know if it will hold up for daily wear and tear. I'd like info on the velvet also, because I've never owned a velvet bag. Thanks!
  2. I have the large Boston leather 85th in off white, love it!! It seems to be holding up well, but being that it is a light color, I'm more careful with it. I also purchased the velvet hobo (in brown print), from the Gucci outlet. I haven't carried it yet, since I feel it is more of a fall/winter look. It seems to be more durable than I thought (as I ordered via phone). I feel they are somewhat of a 'collectible', since they are the 85th anniversary collection.:smile:
  3. Ahh, just the gucci enabling answer I wanted to hear! :graucho: