If you had to pick just ONE bag.....

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  1. ...and only ONE bag and that would be IT for a year... the only one you could use....which LV would you pick and why?

    For me it would be my mono speedy 25...I can use it all year...day and night....dressy or casual...and it holds everything I need.
  2. I think it would be my black MC petite noe. A very close second would be my mono speedy 30.
  3. I would probably pick my Mono Speedy 30. It goes with everything and carries just the right amount of stuff, unlike my Globe Shopper GM, where I carry my entire world with me and end up with a sore shoulder. :lol:
  4. My husband would love that!

    I'd pick the LH that I'm going to buy. It can be handheld or a shoulder bag and it's big enough to carry everything I need!
  5. I wouldn't be able to do it. LOL

    I haven't had one bag in decades!

    But if I really had to I would go with function over form and go with my BH. Carries a lot and it's a shoulder bag.
  6. The black lambskin Riveting bag. God, that bag is HOT!!
  7. speedy 35:heart:
  8. Ummm, I love my Azur Speedy, but as I live in CT and our winters are horrible, I have to go with my Epi Speedy!
  9. damier speedy 25
  10. either my Manhattan PM or Damier Duomo; both are so versatile. but if i had to take the Buffalo winters into consideration, then i think i'd have to take the Duomo :hrmm:
  11. it would be either my mono or cerises speedy. those carry pretty much everything and can go from day to night!
  12. It would be hard for me...since I love rotating my bags, but if I HAD to choose, I'd choose the Epi Passy (although I don't own it yet). It's large enough to hold everything that I need, and it's dressy but can also be dressed down a little for casual days. No vachetta, so I don't have to worry about getting the leather dirty during the winter and rainy days!
  13. My blue patchwork speedy!!
  14. I pick my damier speedy 25. It is maintainance free and goes with eveything.
  15. my Damier Speedy 30... i still have plenty of space for my stuff. all Speedies are great!