if you had only one mono handheld, would you like speedy 30 or tivoli pm?

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if you only had one mono handheld, would you want speedy 30 or tivoli pm?

  1. speedy 30

  2. tivoli pm

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. thanks so much!
  2. *tivoli pm. speedy is a saggy mess when old. IMO. Sorry but I hate the sag.
  3. the tivoli is my pick !!!!!!
  4. Yes !!!!! That is why i picked Tivoli too
  5. The speedy is such a classic and I love the sag!
  6. I chose Speedy...Roomier and I need that.
  7. speedy 30 for me. a classic!
  8. LOVE the tivoli pm
  9. i voted for tivoli pm. but i have both the speedy 25 and tivoli pm. i love the tivoli pm more bcos of the unique shape. :yahoo:

    moreover, tivoli pm is more expensive than speedy 30. in singapore, the tivoli pm is selling until no more stock!
  10. Probably the Tivoli - I love the pleats and the detail makes it much more unique !
  11. agreed! the pleats! its such a cute handheld bag. but for me and i still can carry on my shoulder. :tup:
  12. ^^The Tivoli is so pretty! It has a fun zipper pull too!
  13. I love the Tivoli PM, but I love structured bags! It's definitely unique! (I have a Speedy 30, and I put a baseboard in it to stop it from sagging....)
  14. For me personally, I voted Speedy 30! :heart:
  15. I voted tivoli but speedy is such a classic...can't you have two ;)