If you had a budget of 1300 USD which bag would you get??

  1. pleaseee recommend. i need one for everyday use.
    I currently have a black gucci tote, a chanel black lambskin which is more of a night/special occassions bag and an old LV which is tiny too.
  2. Do you prefer shoulder or hand held bags? Leather, canvas,...? Color? How much space do you need?
  3. i am cool with handheld or shoulder and leather or canvas as long as it looks fashionable i dont care. also i need to fit in a notebook, sunglasses, wallet, keys and cell phone.and lipgloss
  4. New LV EPI passy in Ivoire / YSL downtown tote

    the notebook meant a laptop or???
  5. for a just little over 1300USD you can get the:

    BH (for le laptop)


    damier or mono speedy (handheld)
  6. How about a Balenciaga City:yes:
  7. I'll second the Balenciag city ($1195).
  8. Another vote for the YSL downtown tote. I saw a Muse recently and while I never was a fan of their bags before, I was blown away when I saw it IRL. So sleek and gorgeous. I imagine the downtown tote would be the same way- it looks so classic to me.

    Although I also agree with the pp who recommended the BH and the Speedy for just under $1300. Great deal that I just might consider myself if I had $1300 burning a hole in my pocket ;)
  9. LV red Epi Passy!
  10. I've been eyeing the Gryson Heidi lately. It's definitely big enough to meet your needs and Gryson bags are great. And it's only $995 so you could get something to go with it as well.

    I'd say a balenciaga city as did some previous posters, but I have trouble getting my notebook in there without a bit of effort.
  11. I'd just get 2 Koobas.
  12. I say Balenciaga city - can be handheld or shoulder - gorgeous leather - waterproof. Perfect for your budget (1195 usd)
  13. A city or a :heart: Miu Miu Coffer:heart:
  14. I would do an LV and get a matching accessory :smile: