If YOU had a $75.00 gift card to SEPHORA, what would YOU get?

  1. If you had a $75.00 gift card to Sephora, how would you, personally, spend it? On one big splurge piece, or a bunch of little pieces? What specific items would you stock up on? I'm so torn with what to do with my gift card!! There are too many choices! :nuts:
  2. Oh congrats!!!

    I would probably stock up on hair products such as some from the GHD line which I love. OR, I would put it toward a fabulous perfume!
  3. There ARE a lot of choices. Is there anything you need? If not, has there been anything you've been wanting to try? Maybe a new lip gloss color?

    If it were me, I would get some stuff from Boscia skincare line. And maybe a new lip gloss color.

    What a fun dilemma to have!! Have fun shopping!
  4. same here, or your favourite skin care line ( if sephora carries it that is..):yes:
  5. I would buy perfume, Laura Mercier Mineral makeup, or I would add some cash and buy a GHD iron if you dont already have one =) hehe
  6. Probably Boscia Antioxidant Recovery Treatment C face serum, a Make Up Forever Star Powder eye shadow, and Sephora brand Plumping Lip Gloss in Red 5... the exact color below!
  7. Mmmm....choices choices ;)

    I'd either stock up on concealor and products I use everyday or I'd splurge for something...

    or you could save it for a 'rainy day' when you have nothing else to do ;)
  8. I'd get a bunch of little pieces.

    (Since I don't really wear makeup, I'd get a fragrance, or bath products.)
  9. It depends on what you need. Like right now I want a curling iron, some new perfume, maybe a new compact, so I would look at a bunch of little things.
  10. Well, I just recently re-upped on my eyeliner and foundation (both Clinique) - so I don't need that. I just bought a new MAC bronzer - love it, and still have other bronzers I'd tried in my train case (also a Christmas gift from Sephora - it was a beautiful Christmas - emphasis on beauty :lol:)... and bought a new concealer (The Body Shop) and perfume (DKNY Be Delicious) all with some Christmas money my parents gave me... so that leaves me with nothing for lips, eyes (shadows), and a new moisturizer (I've never really used a facial moisturizer- and they all seem so expensive..).

    I don't wear lip stick - usually just clear gloss.. I'd like to try some professional lip color looks, but there's so much to choose from! I like how Ally McBeal's lips always looked (just got the series for Christmas :whistle:)- subtle, but there - like very natural... help!:

    And eye shadows I never wear - but I've considered dabbling - or buying a palette or something to experiment with... :confused1: - so many options = overwhelming!
  11. I'd use it with some of my own money and buy a new GHD flat iron. :yes: Or splurge on something nice I wouldn't normally buy.
  12. Wow, great gift!
    I'd get my Borba skin jelly beans and some Princess by Vera Wang perfume.
  13. My everyday look is heavy eyeliner, light mascara, sometimes a bit of liquid foundation for imperfections, then powder (matte, pressed), then a touch of bronzer on the cheek bones and a brush on the forehead/chin. Clear gloss/chapstick on lips

    I begin a new teaching job soon - and I *think* I may want to bring lipstick in my life for a more professional look... but am on the fence... as well as a good moisturizer - maybe a primer??
  14. Most likely whatever catches my eye at the moment. I'm at Sephora at least once a week and usually pick something up every time. It's like my little candy store.

    I pretty much live off Fekkai's conditioners so maybe I'd stock up on that? Dior doesn't sound too bad either. Maybe get some of their foundation. It's about time I start using foundation again.