If you could open your own boutique . . .?

  1. hypothetically ;) what would it be?

    Hypothetically, if the best shopping area around had a new open space and you wanted to open your own business, what would you choose?

    BE realistic, obviously you couldn't open a handbag store stocked w/ Chanel, BAlenciaga, etc. . . because those design houses wouldn't allow it.

    SO REALISTICALLY, what would you open?
    What do you think would be successful around you?
    What is lacking, what is it that no one else has done that your area really could use?

    Also, what if the Management Co recommend a high end cosmetics store or upscale Ladies' shoe store?
    I mean, if you, hypothetically :p, wanted to open a cosmetics boutique, could you really?
    I don't think NARS, MAC, Chanel, Sisley, etc. . . . are all going to allow an individual to stock their products.
  2. Well-=this started out as a hypothetical question-LOL!

    I have always wanted to open a boutique dedicated to boys clothing and shoes. As the mother of 2 sons, it makes me sick to walk into a department store or a children's clothing store to see the entire place taken up with girl's clothing and shoes and when you ask where the boy's clothes are, you are directed to the closet in the corner.

    That is what I would do.
  3. ^^Yes, Nishi! Same here.

    But then, me being who I am I would open a bookstore.
  4. I would love to open an upscale lingerie boutique. I would make sure that the interior was very gorgeous and sexy and very comfortable for women. And I would want to carry La Perla, Cosabella, etc.

    That was a fun question Swanky Mama of Three!
  5. I also love the idea of an upscale lingerie store, and I could call it Pandora's Box.

    I could also open a pet supply store (with gourmet treats) and have thing for dogs, but I could try to have more options availalable for cats.
    I don't know what I'd call it. Maybe Lucky, Louis and Willie's.
    (Lucky was my first cat. He died and now we have Louis and Willie.)
  6. I hear you....but the prolem is, even when you find the cute oy clothes, they don't want to wear them ;)
  7. OK, this hypothetical space is actually next to Victoria's Secret and VS will be taking over the hypothetical space in 3 yrs:biggrin:

    Good suggestion about a boys' boutique.
  8. Oh BTW Nishi, I don't recognize you anymore since you changed your avatar!
  9. I had my own boutique before I was married. Had two in two different towns. I so loved it. Did real up to the minute ladies clothing, high fashion stuff but not cheap. I so loved the buying trips, was my own best customer :yahoo: I gave it all up to go to work in my exs practice as he was stuck for staff at the time, huge mistake but I was all loved up LOL However, I don't regret not working while the kids were young but should have kept my business with a good manager. Now my daughter is thinking of opening when she graduates so I am looking forward to those buying trips all over again :yahoo:
  10. Well if I could start a boutique, I would wanted to have a clothing boutique! That has always been my dream! I would want to carry high fashion clothes, but make the boutique small, and unique!
  11. hmmm.......it would be a bakery........... :smile:
  12. :love: I've always wanted a boutique. I'd buy/find old children's furniture and clean it up, repaint it...and do a very shabby chic thing w/it. I've done some to my own kids' stuff...and it's just fun. I'd write poems and/or sayings on step stools, do fun things w/the knobs of dressers, paint drawers in diff. patterns, etc. I'd sell w/it unique stationery items...maybe some yummy cupcakes and cookies...
  13. A doggy boutique! with pretty dog clothes, beds, toys, acessories...and if I had enough room right there I would have a studio where I would do pet portraits. This is really something I'd love to do...:smile:
  14. I would open a very alternative, hippie style bookstore and jewelry/decorative item shop with a coffe shop inside. There is a sad lack of information out there about alternative religions and systems of belief, and I'd love to have a store that filled that niche around here. I would carry select books covering topics of any and all relgions and atheism. People of alternative faiths often have a difficult time finding pendants or jewelry with symbols of their faith, or statues and religious items.

    Although this is a conservative area, I think that such a boutique would appeal to more people than one might think. There are many people in this area who don't fit the religious and political mold, and it would be a great place for them to gather and feel at home.
  15. I would own a consignment store...and have always wanted to!! I am the queen of second-hand treasures, and love nothing more than scouring the racks of Salvation Army and consignment shops for buried treasures!!! I would love to work in the back, and sort through everyone's stuff!!!