If you could only have ONE Coach charm, which would it be?

  1. I know the title is scary :wtf:, but I am really curious. I don't mean most practical, but absolutely most favorite charm EVER! The one that, if you had no others, you'd still be happy!

  2. the letter A charm...I'd be happy with just that one charm.
  3. I love my red lips charm. I can wear that charm on a bag of any color and it looks great wherever I take it.
  4. my 'W' charm which is for my son Wyatt.
  5. Easy...My multi-colored "patchwork"? flower charm (the older one). It goes with EVERY color - it HAS every color on it! SOOooo cute!!
  6. A skull charm. I was on the fence when they came out, waited too long and now they're gone.
  7. My question mark charm is all I'll ever need! I'm always asking questions and looking stuff up, so it's perfect for me.
  8. comic book keyfob!!
  9. Definitely my turtle! It is the cutest thing ever, and all my kids love turtles, so that's an easy one!
  10. Only one? oh... that's hard! I'd have to close my eyes and pick between the initial charm and the spring patchwork flower. :smile:
  11. I'd say my new watermelon charm, because not only is it the only one i have,lol, but it is so freaking adorable,and every time you look at it you just think happy summery, warm thoughts! lol i should work for hallmark!
  12. Only one! That's not fair! LOL I guess it would be between the watermelon charm and my gold apple keyfob. I euse those teo together...so can they count as one? LOL JK
  13. that's easy - skull
  14. I'd have to say the watermelon too...it's the cutest!
  15. I never thought I would want a charm for my bag, but now that I'm feeling satisifed with my collection I feel the need to get a charm. I would love the letter "K" charm. I will just have to wait and see if I decide to go for it afterall.