If you buy a bag at FSH store, whats the best way to ship it to yourself in US?


Dec 21, 2006
My sister is trying to figure this out before she goes to Paris next week. She is trying to determine what is the approx. customs duty on a birkin or kelly bag, and what is the best way to ship, and how best to obtain the VAT refund. Any suggestions? I know this has probably been covered before, and I apologize for revisiting old question. Thanks.


May 30, 2006
JM, this is an old thread I posted that has a ton of helpful information:


In order to get your VAT back, you need not only the paperwork Hermes gives you but also the physical bag at hand to get your receipt stamped, so basically, all of this needs to happen before she checks in her luggage before going home. It is good idea to put everything purchased in one suitcase so you can easily retrieve items as requested.

It was a total pain as we had purchased quite a bit, but at Heathrow we had to show them every item before they stamped our receipts and then put them in the mailbox at Heathrow to have them sent out. At some point, I should expect to see the VAT taxes credited back to my CC.

If you have a bag shipped by Hermes, you don't have to deal with VAT (I believe, since the bag is definitely not staying in the country), but you will incur customs charges according to my SA here in the States who had a customer who got charged about $800 for an exotic. I didn't ask for details so I don't know what the percentage was. I declared everything on my forms coming back into the U.S. and was just told to have a nice day. I don't think the guy even looked at my form closely until I had breezed by him. Also, you will be asked at Hermes whether you want to be charged in Euros or in dollars. I think even with the 3% conversion rate the CC charges you, it is still better than the rate offered at Hermes, so go with Euros.


He is Risen
Jun 19, 2006
I got my customs bill the other day...and it was like 8-9%.....fedex bills you a few weeks later...

I wanted to just bring it on...but it would have been too hard

plus since the store shipped it...they took the VAT off right then and I don't have to wait for the refund