If you believe that.......

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Oct 22, 2006
First of all, I dont know if this is apporpriate or not to post, but I am just really trying to understand how we all think with regards to believing that God knows when each of us will arrive in Heaven. Does that make sense?

My question is this......

If you believe that God knows how and when he will take each of us to heaven, then why do we need to stop the bad things that are unhealthy? (I am not talking about things that are against the law) .I am not trying to be selfish here, but for those that drink or smoke, people and doctors are always telling them NOT to do it because you will get all of these dieases that will eventually lead to death; BUT if God already has his plan made of how we each will die, then why are we giving up something we enjoy?

Before anyone gets on me about how disgusting smoking is in general, i am asking because my parents and alot of my friends smoke and I see my mom struggle with the effects of this but she cannot give up smoking no matter how hard she has tried; she is in her 70's.

Can someone help me understand?
Not open for further replies.