If you are going to run out to the store, in the rain, with your kids...

  1. what is your go to bag? I just got a few LV bags that I love, but I feel funny using them in that scenario, not to mention, worried that I'll ruin them...so I go and grab my $30 Lands End tote that is so durable and which I don't care if anything happens to it. But I'd like a middle ground...because it's so easy to carry a bag like that (big, pockets, durable, comfortable, light, etc.), it's hard to switch back to my nicer ones sometime!

    What would you choose?
  2. Prada Nylon Tote or LV Damier Saleya.
  3. Well, considering we're in the middle of a drought and I only got nicer bags AFTER we hit a dry spell, I can't say for sure, but I would probably choose a leather that is wipable. Right now my Rafe Kate in pebbled goatskin is sounding like it would be a great bag for the rain!

    I would DEFINITELY not want to be caught outside with my Not Rational Hansel in washed cognac!!! It would show EVERY droplet!

    I would still stay away from anything nylon... A fleurville bag would be GREAT - loving the new tote design coming out - waiting for the azure to see if I can love it or not!
  4. I think at some level we all have to admit that our nice bags aren't really all that "functional." They may be soft and have a zillion pockets and phone compartments and fit everything really well, but they're expensive and we're petrified of putting them on the floor, getting them wet, getting food on them, etc. Honestly, if all we cared about was functionality we'd all buy $20 canvas bags and call it a day.

    There's nothing wrong with having a beat-around bag to use when you need something to go out in the rain in. In fact, it's probably better because then your really nice bags get less use and will last longer.

    I have a bunch of lesportsac bags that I use in the rain or when I'm going to the park or something. My nicer bags are for when it's not raining and I go shopping, go to work, or go out at night. That way my nice bags stay nice and I don't freak out when it starts to drizzle.
  5. Surprisingly enough, my Coach patent leather ergo hobos are super tough and great in the rain.
  6. I second the LV damier saleya and am using it today as it rained here!
  7. Gucci Duchessa for sure!!!
  8. LV Damier or Epi will be great in the rainy season.
  9. My Tokidoki Stellina. Gotta have hands free!

  10. I TOTALLY agree!
    In the rain or when I know I have very messy days, I use my 50 euros bags..no famous brand, but no risks!

  11. I TOTALLY agree!
    In the rain or when I know I have very messy days, I use my 50 euros bags..no famous brands, but no risks!
  12. I have used my Gucci trademark Plus messenger, my black LV Damier Geant
    Compagnon, and my Prada nylon messenger.
  13. In the rain, it's my Longchamp Pliage tote. Nylon, water proof and it won't kill my wallet if I have to replace it.

  14. same here!
  15. I totally agree. My Ergo Patent Hobo is so great - it's fine when it gets wet and I got it in red so it adds a great splash of color to an otherwise drab rainy day!