If there were a scariest noe contest, this one would win...

  1. OMG! I hope that's brown paint on the bottom.:throwup:
  2. What the hell happened to it? I don't understand how someone could mess up a bag to that degree. What do they do with it?
  3. "shoe polished"!?!? Who in the right mind would do that to any LV!? :cursing: And are those mold in interior!? :throwup:
  4. OMG poor bag!

  5. seller writes that she suspects it's shoe polish and that she thinks it looks nice.:yucky:
  6. NASTY! :yucky:
  7. Whoo, that is some poor looking bag!! Looks like she got beat up, poor thing!!
  8. Hey, it only has "Some flaws"...:roflmfao:
  9. OMG someone actually bought it??? Or ermm... maybe not... but poor bag... I want a mono petit noe too, but I'm terribly worried that it might turn out like that! *gulp*
  10. Agreed!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]"This is a vintage bag in good condition."

  12. Yikes. :wtf:
  13. Ew! Poor bag! The bottom looks BLACK!!!
  14. jaysus! :wtf: