If only I had a money tree!

  1. I checked on base (hubby is in the Navy) to see what they had as far as Coach goes.. and oh my! So many goodies to be had and the prices are always so great. They had the Ergos..hobos, totes, signature, leather. I really wanted the large Ergo leather tote. It was $100 cheaper than retail, $379 I think, but I just bought my Carly, so no go. Plus the leather is so much thinner than I expected. I even spotted a lone legacy shoulder bag in brown. It was only $319, but it was scuffed pretty badly. It didn't look like it will wear as well as the whiskey, that's for sure.

    I did buy my Mom a hamptons perforated signature carry-all in khaki/camel for Mother's Day. She's not familiar with Coach and isn't into bags, but I'm hoping she'll love it. ;) I figured I could spend a ton of money sending her flowers or something like this that would last forever.
  2. Great choice you are so right about flowers, better to get her something she can have forever, I am sure she will be thrilled!
  3. Wow, it sounds like they have lots of great Coach bags at good prices. I think your mom will love the bag!!!!
  4. Wow! We are Air Force and live on base. Our BX has hardly anything!!! I saw like 3 Coach pieces and they were all patchwork.
  5. What a nice gift! Man, if I had a money tree I would buy a crocodile Hermes kelly!!!