If it wouldn't be too much trouble....

  1. I've posted a thread about a particular Cynthia Rowley bag I've been looking for. Still can't find it, but anyway I got another one that I like off of eBay ( I guess its at least a season or 2 old since it is used). I've been looking online b/c of what I've seen of her stuff, I REALLY like it! I was wondering, if it wasn't too much trouble, if any of you who have Cynthia Rowley bags could post a pic & the name of the bag? I'm trying to learn a little more about them. I guess her bags have names? Again, not terribly familiar with the brand, I just know I like what I see. :smile:
  2. Sorry I don't know the name of this bag but is by Cynthia Rowley. It is soft gorgeous leather and wears extremely well. I love this bag!
    cynthia rowley.jpg
  3. Very pretty!!! I can just imagine how soft the leather is!! Thanks for posting!!:smile:
  4. Bumping this for you!