If I were To Pick Out My Very First Kooba...

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  1. Okay, now for all of you experts. Pics please. If I had made up my mind that I had to buy and did not mind a very gently used but in great condition, authenitc soft leather and very neutral color bag that is not one of the heaviest, Kooba's...that was cool looking, which one would you all recommend to splurge on and where would I find it? NO LAUGHING ...NOW...Thanks all!!!:tup:
  2. Ok...before I decide on which to recommend, I need to know more about your personal style.

    Will this bag be your 'everyday' bag? Do you dress mostly casual or smart? Is your style very simple or elaborate? Is most of your clothing in a classic design or more fashion concious?

    Do you carry alot of things in your handbags or do you travel light??

  3. LOL, very thorough there, Halz, I think somebody should give you a job!:P
  4. Hello London My grandbaby Liam lives in Marlowe, UK and my Dad was born there. Love it there. Anyway I live in Florida. It is mostly warm here all year and when it is cool, we love it. I am very casual. I carry my wallet, a makeup case, glasses case, cell phone and my keys. I would use it as an everyday bag, yes. I basically live in jeans and tees and cropped pants and tanks in the summer, for we do have so few Winter cold months in Florida. I have to watch really heavy two straps for I do have smaller shoulders and they tend to slip if the straps are not flat, but I am not a tiny girl 5 foot 5 and about 128 lbs...I love skirts, casual and flip flops. Boots and long skirts and hoodies if it gets cold here and then I feel so good!!! Too hot here in summer. I am from Vermont. I love pinks, black and white and pastels..Brown, I use more than black but have many brown bags, not great leather ones though..and I do own signature Coach bags and a Gucci tote in brown. I just want beautiful buttery leather. and a great look. I love the Sienna bag in a light color. (drool) I do not like huge bags for I cannot fill them up and I do have 2 herniated discs..Does that let me out right this minute? LOL...So, what do you suggest???:yahoo:
  5. I was going to say that I'd recommend a Sienna, and it sounds like maybe it would be a great bag for you, Rainbow.
  6. A Sienna in a lighter color (like desert) sounds like it would work beautifully. Or, how about a blonde Elisha?
  7. I would suggest Kooba's small-medium sized bags, one shoulder strap so they stay put.

    Try the Jessie in khaki (mine is shown in raisin) or the Maria in terraine, a wonderful un-sung hero of the Kooba line.

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  8. I agree with ladysalesrep-both of her recommendations seem to fit with your style. Maybe even a bonnie perhaps? It is a bit more feminine than Jessie and Maria, but is still very versatile.
  9. Hmm those look nice, are they still on the site? I am just learning, thanks so much!!!
  10. Can you show me a picture of what a Bonnie looks like if possible, thank you!!!!
  11. I did see the Elisha on the Kooba site in blonde and I liked it, but the Sienna is my favorite so far. Where can I get to feel one and see that desert color or buy it????:yahoo:
  12. I would love , love to find one on sale..in a lighter color..If anyone sees one, please let me know...thanks!!!
  13. Yes, she is very thorough and thinks things out. A job would be in order for sure....LOL:idea:
  14. My vote would be for the Jessie. What a great size for you, and it certainly would fit your lifestyle. I live in South Florida, and I would think that a Jessie would be perfect for you.
  15. The Jessie is a wonderful mid size durable casual bag that could float into a dressy mode is necessary. And you can still find many on ebay....AND they have never been faked. On the other hand, finding a real Sienna is like finding a needle in a haystack unless you go for an embossed one. 99% of Siennas on Ebay are fake.



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