if i were to get something from the Azur...

  1. What should i get? berkeley (i actually don't find it THAT pretty.. and it's over my budget), so i guess either speedy, or the noe, or saleya pm... OR i can wait a bit and see what will come out this year ( i heard the neverfull is coming out but then i'm not very fond of the fact that it lacks a zipper or anything that can tie it up)... suggestions anyone?
  2. I'd go with the speedy 30 or saleya PM, the noe is too big imo.
  3. Def Speedy in Azur. Love the Speedy and it looks great in Azur!
  4. I like the Saleya PM or Speedy in Azur because there is not that much vachetta. The Berkley is a beautiful bag, but I don't think that I would like it with the dark patina that I KNOW will happen after using it during the summer. Good luck and let us know what you decide.....
  5. if u wear alot of dark jeans i'll say get a speedy. personally i feel medium/large shoulder azur bag (or any medium/large light color shoulder bag for that matter) can get denim transfer onto the bag at the bottom area that brush against our body. have fun :smile:!
  6. but i wonder if the azur is easy to clean and if it gets dirty easily...
  7. Speedy 30 and Saleya gets my vote. Azur is so pretty.
  8. I really like saleya pm, but it doesn't stay on my shoulder. I've considered to get a speedy, but again, I want to wait to see what come out this year...
  9. Saleya!!!!
  10. Saleya or the Noe in Epi! I loove the Noe in Epi, and I'm planing to buy one in black!
  11. i'd go for the Berkeley (i just HAVE to see what the bottom looks like first though) or the Speedy 30 (though I have 3 Speedies already and would want to get another shape). :smile:
  12. I just love the shape of the Saleya and I think it looks fantastic in azur
  13. the speedy!
  14. The Saleya! I love the saleya, it's such a cute feminine shape!
  15. The Saleya or the Speedy. I think the Saleya looks so amazing in Azur, but the Speedy is also amazing so it would come down to your preferences on the shape and if you prefer handheld or not. But definitely one of those two!