If I were a girl...

  1. I would die for these shoes....

    Total Burberry Prorsum copy or what, but on a students budget, why not?

    If only.... ahh
  2. They are reminiscent of the Burberry, and although they are not my style, there is something about them that I love.
  3. too edgy for me, lol but they are pretty hot.
  4. Also, without the studs, they look like Lanvin.
  5. oooh, I like those!
  6. They don't look comfortable. I would prefer leather.
  7. Not my thing.
  8. Eh, not my kind of shoe. I don't like studded shoes, like the CL Mad Mary's.

    This is a shoe I can see Madonna wearing.
  9. Are you kidding me, nobody likes it? Well I am from the UK and very much into the London fashion scene as I live close, but EVERYONE has been seen wearing this shoe (not THIS one, but the original by Burberry Prorsum)... ah well, I think it would look great with anything at all, but the fashion is very different over the pond I guess.................