If I was Marc Jabob I would make a...

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  1. Huge Papillon in damier that could be used as a travel bag :nuts:

  2. OMG. did you make your signature picture? its so cute!!!
    and truthful..

    that luggage piece seems kind of wierd though...
  3. Ditto!!

    There was a vernis bag in 2000 that looked like a giant papillon. Here are some pics. It would be TDF in damier ... :love:

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  4. thanks haha LOL no I found it on google, its a beautiful picture :smile: you dont like my papillon travel bag :crybaby:

    to everyone - This thread is a game, what you have to do is post your idea of a new LV bag that if you were MJ you would make.
  5. thanks, Ive saw this bag before and I love it but the price tag :yucky:, I agree it would be TDF in damier ;)
  6. eh. it wouldnt look right on me... but im sure you could carry it..:smile:
  7. OMG. THATs TDF! i love it!
  8. haha I dont think even I could pull it off but I would buy it LOL,
    merry christmas ! :smile:
  9. crazy--it's like a round keepall!
  10. A white suhali pegase...ooooo I can just see it all studded and soft...:tender: but it would be a pain to keep clean...and just imagine the price tag:death:
  11. Damier Wapity AND Denim Wapity!!!!!! Ohh AND either a demin or suhali messenger in the same shape as the damier geant messager.
  12. If I want a Marc Jacobs' design, I really want a LV-lnyl or other monogram embossed leather (including miroir) Stam. I think it will be so nice and I can image that already.
  13. messenger in nomade!
  14. Hmmm...giant papillon eh? lol well I guess it's unique, but I dunno cuz the bag might ROLL around everywhere lol.

    OOOHHH! that's a creamy-licious luggage bag!!!! not a complete cylinder though cuz it's flat on the bottom lol :biggrin:
  15. we could put metal feet in so it could still stay cylindrical, but not roll around...I feel like I should get paid!!haha:nuts: