If electric blue 08 looks like this - I'm sold!!

  1. This is Cracker's 08 pic of a bag for next year but LOOK IN THE BACKGROUND!!! I am transfixed by that flash of cobalt blue :wtf:

    If this really is EBlue, and is anything close to this Jimmy Choo carried by Lindsay, OMG I am soooooooo sold....

    Someone expand please. I can't do it anymore :confused1:

    I make very rare exceptions on current bbags, esp bright ones but outside of my vert gazon day with GH, this could be the next contender :sweatdrop:
    EB.jpg lindsay-lohan-jimmy-choo-bag4.jpg lindsay-lohan-jimmy-choo-bag5.jpg
  2. When about the color "ElectricBlue", i kinda assumed that it would be like the Jimmy Choo Mahala blue. But as i become more familiar with Balenciaga ... I realize that the actual color does not always match the name. I can only hope that it does look like that pic:smile:
  3. That's exactly the kind of blue I'm hoping it will be.

    Totally fab
  4. I have the electric blue Mahala and I love it! It is much more vibrant than the FB from S/S. I will be very interested to see if the new EB from Bal will be close to the one produced by JC. I just can't say enough great things about this bag. Here are my pictures (yes, I know this is the Bal forum), as a measure of hope that the electric blue from S/S 08 will be this great!
  5. ^^ damn.
  6. I was told by Bal that is going to be similar to the FB.:shrugs:
  7. yup, from what i saw from the JC bag, it looks just like FB
  8. From the pics that I've seen, it looks very similar to that pic of lilo but maybe a bit deeper.........like the jacket in my avatar.
  9. Can't wait!
  10. im so excited ive had to start saving up already for the new colours *cries*
  11. I want the new EB in the Day, First and makeup...Yes, I know!
  12. You know what? I also thought it looks a bit darker too judging from that teeny background shot of it hanging in between other bags.

    I love that colour since its like a rich cobalt blue. That jacket pic is a good reference :yes:
  13. Wow, how HOT is that!!
  14. wow that bag is great!!! I hope its like that
  15. [​IMG]

    well, i do think the jc bag is similar the color in the f/w 07-08. what do you think? :confused1: