If counterfeiting bags are not enough..

  1. http://www.nytimes.com/2006/05/01/technology/01pirate.html

    Wow! If you think fake bags are awful, wait until you read this article where some pirates in China end up faking an ENTIRE company (NEC). It's quite repulsive!

    "On the surface, it looked like a series of intellectual property infringements, but in reality a highly organized group has attempted to hijack the entire brand," he said. "It is not a simple case of a factory knocking off a branded product. Many of them have been given bogus paperwork that they say gives them the right to do it."
  2. I remember watching the news recently, and they have managed to fake an entire Ferrari car in China.

    It only came up suspicious when the company realized that there was a "4th" Ferrari limited edition for sale...when they had only produced 3. :weird:

    Imagine that.... next it'll be counterfeit planes
  3. Yes! I read the Times article! Amazing--there's a whole parallel manufacturing sector. I'm starting to wonder now at the things that AREN'T counterfeited. There seem so few of them...
  4. these companies should be sued and shut down, and their owners sent to jail immediately... without bail...
  5. I was shocked to read the article at first, but I hear from lots of family friends that it's very easy to bribe your way through illegal crimes in China. I wouldn't even call it bribing. Factory inspectors and policemen pretty much expect to receive bribes. QC testers at factories, etc. It makes you wonder how good people survive.
  6. yea it's a multi-billlion dollar industry - the counterfeiting "business". we sometimes get people .. mostly old chinese guys.. taking pics of our product and the way we set up our displays... and we know they're just gonna steal the ideas and product styles and reproduce them... which is why we (and most stores) always say, "no pictures allowed - here's a catalog". sad to assume they're gonna do it, but why else take pics of a product in store and refuse to take a catalog? it's the same thing in the catalog!
  7. That is just disturbing. :worried:
  8. Unbelievable!
    Smart enough to rip it off, but not smart enough to have the creativity to do something like that in the first place?
  9. exactly, if they put as much effort into developing and funding their own items, they could be successful people :sad:, they are completely unbelievable, and its scary what you can counterfeit these days, very shocking indeed.
  10. That is truly scary!
  11. :huh: Oh wow... that's insane
  12. How horrendous! I wonder when China is going to seriously start cracking down on these types of things!
  13. Have you guys seen the cars that China is now producing.. for mainstream sale? I have pics somewhere, I'll have to dig them up, but the designs are WAY WORSE than the Chrysler 300 rip off of a Bentley, and way worse than Hyundai Sonata & Azera off of the Accords & Camrys.
  14. This is very disturbing. Ever since joining the forum and trying to buy some bags from ebay, I've found myself becoming a bit obsessed with counterfeiting. I'm always wondering now what jeans, polos, watches, or even sunglasses might be faked. I worry about where I order from, in case it's a bogus site. It's just crazy that something like shopping should be this difficult!
  15. I also became so obsessed I stop buying things on ebay altogether. It just too much work trying to figure it out.