If anyone is looking for a Jumbo flap, I see a good deal...

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  1. Good deal! But the clasp seems wierd.. or a different version? But wow good deal!
  2. Its legit. I have the exact same purse and everything is the same.
    It is a good deal!!
  3. That's beautiful :love: And a great deal. Thanks for the heads up, IntlSet :amuse:
  4. Wow,
    very nice. Im sure there will be a taker soon. Thanks IntlSet!
  5. It's too bad that the bag doesn't come with authenticity card:sad2: and the sticker is wearing off, but it does look like a good deal.
  6. I just took a closer look at the bag again, and the diamond quilting is not perfectly aligned. Could this just be due to the way the pictures were taken or does that suggest that it's not authentic? Thanks!
  7. Sold for $569!
  8. melisande - did you snatch her?

    IntlSet - thanks for posting this. You're so thoughtful!
  9. Melisande? Are we going to be twins?

    Let us know!

  10. ekekek, i want it!!!
  11. Sorry guys, no! I didn't see this until after the auction ended...
  12. Wow someone got a good deal. I thought mine was a bargain! That one was a deal and half!

    Those bags seem to be pretty plentiful on ebay. I think Paixi (sp?) has another one on now.

    You dont see to many colored Jumbos on Ebay. If anyone sees one in a color other then beige or white give me the heads up.

  13. Selena, do you know if Paixi sells authentic bags? I noticed she is a Ma Poupette seller but when I searched this forum to get more info on her it seems like some people said they thought her bags were authentic and some didn't. Just wondering if anyone has had experience with her.
  14. I dont have direct experience with her...but she is listed in my poupette and I think her stuff looks good. Some of the other gals might have more information. Try LOREN I think she just bought from her. Sorry I couldnt be more helpful.
    Good luck!!