If anyone has a Soho Hobo....

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  1. If anyone has a Soho Hobo, either signature or leather and with a leather strap, can you please tell me how it fits on your shoulder? By that, I mean does it stay on your shoulder, or does it keep slipping down? Also, is the leather stiff or soft?
  2. LOL I love hobos.. I have two in signature, one in twill and one in leather and all of them stay on my shoulder just fine (I'm 5'4" and about 112lbs for reference). The leather one is pretty soft and mushy so I really like it (I'm not a fan of stiff leather at all). The only bag I have problems with slipping off my shoulder is my khaki scribble hobo from the hamptons line, but that thing is HUGE and I'm kind of petite so it's no wonder :upsidedown:
  3. My soho stays just fine. I love it. I have one of the larger sizes by the way.
  4. In another thread, I said there were no new items saying "buy me". Looking at pics of them on eBay, the signature hobo and braided leather strap hobo are speaking to me.

    The small hobos are more my size, but they don't have a cell phone pocket. If you have a small hobo, where do you put your keys and cell phone? I know there is one pocket, but I plan on putting something else in it.
  5. Hmm well I usually put my keys in my backpocket, and my phone in the little pocket inside. I use a little make-up pouch to carry my lipgloss, makeup, and other personal items.
  6. we sound like the same! now i know who to pm when she posts a bag that she just bought that is TDF..:P
  7. I have hobos and they stay put on my shoulder. I love big bags.
  8. Hobos are my favorite type of bag.
  9. Kathyrose you don't just "have hobos" you have 209582359 hobos :lol: ! Your coach collection is TDF!
  10. LOL aarti!!
  11. LOL! Thanks girl! I got more but decided to update a whole bunch with a new sofa pic later on. My collection keeps growing.:yes:
  12. Thanks ladies. The decision is so hard. I told myself that I would purchase items up to a certain amount. However, after I made the wishlist on Coach's web site, of course, it's way over my budget. I guess I'm making up for lost time...

    I know I can purchase an item at a time, but I'm afraid my color choices will sell out and will no longer be available.