If anyone goes to an outlet and sees

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  1. I'm sure HOF in Reading had one in the sale recently..
  2. Have you phoned the outlets Jo - you know what we're all like when we're presented with loads of stuff at outlets - we forget to look for items we've been asked to look for.
  3. Might have to phone round in a couple of weeks. Dh now on holiday and we are off camping next week!
  4. Oh I hope the weather improves for you then if you're camping or do you want to borrow our caravan?? hahaha
  5. oh don't!! At this rate tent will be floating away! Wonder if DH would swing by cheshire oaks on the way to the Lake district??!!
  6. Flyvetjo they def have choc joelle totes in HoF Dundrum with 50% off. I think it is €350?? I know they do ordering over the phone. Might be worth a try.
  7. I would try and phone HOF by the sounds of it Jo.
  8. Thursday evening, I saw 2 choc Joelle tote in HoF Bristol. 50% off.
  9. Just remember that the HoF sale ends on 25th July! :biggrin:
  10. Looks lovely. Jo - good luck finding one! And I hope you camping trip will be nice - if you can persuade DH to pop in to C.Oaks on the way, it might be worth it even if it rains!
  11. that bag is defo a fab bag not till we saw a reveal on here did any say anything about it :0(. Then we were all drooling ;0)
  12. hi Jo, Nottm HoF may have one - my mum was looking at it the other day

    What about Fenwicks branches too? they all sell Mulberry
  13. Have you phoned H of F yet Jo?! :biggrin:
  14. I'm in a dither. Shouldn't really buy it. Want to see it IRL first. local John Lewis is cr*p. Aaaaaaaaaaargh! and now DH is looking over my shoulder and is on holiday so even a sneaky delivery is out of the question!