Idiot girl at the post office and my LV

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  1. So I'm in line today at the post office to mail a package and I hear a lady and a teenager (her daughter I'm guessing) make a comment about my bag.

    I was carrying my White Le Fab. The lady says "Oh goodness I love her bag"

    The girl says "Yeah its nice"

    The lady says "I wonder what it is, Coach?"

    The girl says "No its not a real Coach. Its not real. Trust me I can spot a fake a mile away"

    I was so mad:wtf: . Of course I could not say anything because they would have known that I was listenting.

    But how stupid can you be to mistake my Le Fabuleux for a COACH.....and them call it a fake Coach!!!:cursing:

    I just had to share. I should not have let it get to me but I was a bit ticked.


    The lady was carrying a bag in the shape of a Babylone but instead of having LV's on it there were little shapes. Like circles and triangles. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    And the young girl had the nerve to try to call my bag a fake. Probably just because her mom was carrying one she just assumes everyone carrys a fake.

  2. I don't know if it will make you feel better but some one had mistaken my friend's Birkin for a Kate Spade bag.:nuts:
  3. UURGH that type of behaviour would drive me up the wall!! :cursing: I would have turned and said 'Honey, this isn't COACH, it is Vuitton and about 10 times more than any coach ever made, please don't talk about something you don't know anything about' . and turned away.. well I would have done this in my mind..

  4. ^^Too funny.:roflmfao:
  5. I would be sooo mad :wacko: and went off at them right then and there!! I would not care that they heard me listening in there conv. THEY SHOULDA NEVER TALKED BAD ABOUT YOUR BAD IN THE FIRST PLACE
  6. Not only are they idiots for thinking your Le Fab is a fake Coach...but for also thinking that no one else in line would hear their conversation! Unless of course, they intended for you to hear? :shrugs: (Which would make the girl a rude little :censor:smile:

    Once a Neiman Marcus SA thought my blue L'Aimable was a Dooney! :s She complimented me on it and then asked if it was a Dooney :roflmfao:
  7. :graucho: did you tell her??
  8. I would have been angry too, and tempted to say something! By the way I would looove to have a Le Fab, so very classy!
  9. She figured it out for herself when she leaned in and saw the LV symbol embossed on the clasp :yes: She was really nice and I think she was just clueless about bags, so I didn't get mad or annoyed...just thought it was amusing!
  10. I would have turned around and said, "This is from the Suhali Leather line from Louis Vuitton" You can find it on!!!!

    Ha, then let her go look!!!!
  11. OMG..It's insane!!! It's too funny but I know you didn't find it amusing..

    Some people!!!
  12. People these days! It is pretty funny to me.
  13. can you post a pic of the le fab? i have no idea which one that is.
  14. I'd be so mad about that too. People are such idiots sometimes.

  15. Sure. Here's a pic taken from eluxury :smile: