Identify This Mulberry

  1. Hi all I've just won this bag on eBay, but have no idea what it is. The seller said it was her mums and she'd had it for at least 20 years.

  2. To answer my own question, I think it's a Matilda. Does anyone know how old she might be?
  3. Yes, it's a Matilda and it looks to be in tan Amazon leather (not congo, as it may appear). It isn't that old though, around 2005/6 ish, I think.
  4. [​IMG][​IMG]
    Nicked this vintage Mulberry from my mum. Black congo I think?
  5. What is the difference between amazon and Congo leather? I've not been able to find any info.:confused1:
  6. It's essentially the same, except congo has a gloss finish applied, and amazon is matt.
  7. Thank you:biggrin:
  8. Sorry no pictures but.............
    Around 3 or 4 years ago there was a bag i saw (on more than one person) which was shaped like the Daria hobo but had a plaque like the Mitzy / Bella.

    Anyone know what this could be ? Despite trailing through ebay for a good few years now at Mulberry bags, but not specifically for the one i am asking about, i have yet to see one on there.
  9. Wasn't a Hayden was it?
  10. Not from the images i can see it isnt. From what i remember it was smooth leather and is / was very similar to a Mitzy, Bella as in where the plaque was. Not sure when these bags came about but it was def 3 or more years ago.
  11. Not a bonnie was it geddes
  12. I'm not good at names, but I would like to know now!

    Why not draw a picture on the paper, take a photo and show us from your memory!?? (or life is too short for that, lol) I have terrible imagination so absolutely no idea, apart from thinking of Mitzy hobo! :balloon:
  13. No but i wouldnt mind one of those to replace my PLS :thinking:

  14. I think my description is more reliable but i am begining to wonder if my memory is.......It might be that i have been in such a quandry over which black bag to buy that i have dreampt this one up.
  15. I could only think of bonnie or bella hobo?