Identify This Mulberry

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    As JazzyJay has said, the lovely ladies who authenticate items do not disclose details on why an item is or is not genuine because we do not want to help those who make fake items improve their fakes ;) There are plenty of webpages and videos that show you what to look for if you just do a search on a search engine.
  2. Please help me find out, what the name of this bag is. I think it's vintage....

    Thx in advance:smile:

    Best regards
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  3. Can someone please identify this bag or tell me where I can locate one? A friend of mine had one but it was stolen and I wanted to surprise her by trying to replace it. I just dont know where to start.:oh:

  4. These come up on eBay occasionally, I've seen three or four in the last six months. Not a clue what the official name is because I usually find them by searching for 'Mulberry canvas tote'.

    Good luck with your search:smile:
  5. It's a braxton in soft vintage leather and not vintage, but from 2004.
  6. Thanks so much!
  7. does anyone watch revenge? Ashley Madekwe wears the Alexa in a colour i haven't seen before and was searching relentless for!! anyone know it??
  8. I have the opportunity of purchasing this beautiful Bayswater but before I do I would like to know something about it. Does anyone recognise it? Do you know its name and when it was first made available?

    Thank you to anyone who can enlighten me!
    Autumn Bayswater.jpg
  9. Thank you so much Ondrea for this identification. Yes - I have heard mention of the Ivy Bays in the dim and distant past but for some reason didn't put two and two together. Perhaps not to everyone's taste but I am very much an Autumn girl when it comes to colours so I think I will have to go for it. I just love Darwin leather and Bays in general. Thank you so much for the heads up and the link :smile:
  10. Ah,i thought so.
  11. I know in real life she has the marshmallow leopard Alexa which looks gorgeous. Is this the one you mean?

  12. Hello, I have this huge tote and no idea of its name! Its very plain, very similar front and back with the Mulberry label inside and plain cloth lining..

    Thank you!!